The Rainwater Toilet

A good friend of mine is doing her bit to help make Planet Earth a more environmentally friendly place. A few months my friend worked hard on installing a new water system for her toilet – that runs on rain water.

It is astounding to think that there are so many people in the world who have little or no access to clean drinking water yet in most developed countries we flush out toilets with it.

My friend, Liz, being an IT whizz – decided to make a little video of their new system. It looks simple – although I don’t think I would know where to start.

DIY is not my strongest point.

Liz said:

The plan was to save money and be inventive. Five years on we’ve done both while saving water, electricity and having fun along the way. One of the most interesting projects to date has been our rainwater WC. We have a long-term aim to have some independence from mains electricity water and heat. The WC didn’t cost much and it’s very simple.

Watch the video here!

Now – Time to get yourselves down to the DIY store to make one of your own.

Eurovision Semi Final 1

Prepares yourselves people.

The first semi final for the Eurovision will be on Tuesday 22nd May.

Here are the entries (in order) for the first semi final. Underneath the video I have said a little about each one. In bold are the ones I hope to qualify.

Montengro: 3/10 – Very Balkan. A little too odd for my liking.

Iceland: 9/10 – Great duet. Jonsi is back after performing for Iceland a couple of years ago.

Greece: 6/10 – Back with more of the same. It’s like Eurovision-colour-by-numbers.

Latvia: 7/10 – Awful song, but it’s catchy and she has something very endearing about her. It sticks in your head FORVER!

Albania: 1/10 – I HATE this. Ouch! But it seems to be popular with lots of fans and might do well in Baku.

Romania: 8/10 – Great party song. Romania will do well with this.

Switzerland: 7/10 – Rocky number from the Swiss. Shame that the vocals are a bit odd (strong accent).

Belgium: 2/10 – DULL as dishwater!

Finland: 6.5./10 – Singing in Swedish…. Topical. This number bounces along, but doesn’t take me anywhere.

Israel: 6/10 – Odd doesn’t start to explain this. It sounds like it comes straight from Eurovision 1975.

San Marino: 5/10 – This deranged singer ruins every concept of Facebook. She turns it into some stalking seedy site. So wrong.

Cyprus: 9/10 – I L-L-Love it……

Denmark: 8/10 – Again, Denmark hit it big. They’ll do well with this, although I have preferred their previous two entries much more.

Russia: 10/10 – THE ONE TO BEAT! I think these grannies are gonna win it BIG!

Hungary: 4/10 – 80s retro. Not my cup of my tea.

Austria: 5/10 – Woki mit deim popo ‘Wiggle those bums” – no words to explain it.

Moldova: 6.5/10 – Hot guy sings a swinging song.

Ireland: 10/10 – JEDWARD! I hated their song last year but LOVE them this time around.

Watch the songs and read my comments for Semi Final 2 here.

Mexican teacher protects class during gun battle.

An amazing teacher posted a video onto Facebook showing the scenes when she calmly protected her class whilst a drug cartel gun battle went on nearby.

The video, posted below, has taken the internet by storm after it was discovered by local news.

Class teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis can be heard asking the children to lie on the floor and stay down. “No, my love, nothing is going to happen, just put your little face on the floor,” she tells one girl.

During the shoot out there were 5 people shot and killed at a nearby taxi stand in Monterrey.

The teacher has since received an award for her bravery by the state’s governor.

What an amazing teacher!

Talking Twins. Online Sensation.

Internet sensations travel around the globe within minutes these days. Times have really changed. Technology allows us to share information instantly with people everywhere. The lastest sensation to sweep the online world are the talking  twins.

The video is fab! To date, over 6 million people have viewed the video on YouTube. The question is – Are these children really talking? If they are – then what exactly are they discussing? It’s fascinating.

Watch and enjoy.

Moments of ‘cuteness’.

A video to make you smile. I saw this on YouTube and loved it straight away. I thought I’d share it with the world too.

It’s so simple but so funny. I love the way the baby laughs at the perfect time.  I also cannot believe that I was the 271,005,687th person to view it online. Wow! That’s some viewing.

After further investgation web browsing, I discovered that the video had made ‘TIME’s Top 50 videos of 2010. That’s pretty impressive. Not only was it in the Top 50….. It made the Number 1 spot.

Wikipedia have even got a page about the ‘phenomenon’ (as it has been referred to online). If you don’t believe me you can see it here. Following the success from the short video clip they have their own blog. 

The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me.