Amazing Guitar Skills – performing ‘Sing’

The song ‘Sing’ by Gary Barlow is an incredible one. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. The power of children and adults singing together from around the world. Amazing!

Here is the Gary Barlow video. If you have never seen it then sit back and enjoy.

I was on YouTube looking for an instrumental version of it and came across this video. One man in his house, performing over the backing track with his guitar.

What talent!!! It’s brilliant.

Here is the video.

The Queen rocks!

60 years on the British throne.

She’s pretty amazing.

I like this new side to the Queen too.

For more great shots and captions, look here.

I have blogged about the Queen before. She is on Facebook (just in case you didn’t know). Check that post here.

I saw HRH The Queen at her boat flotilla – yay! I was so pleased. If you want to see how I’m getting on with my 2012 ‘To Do’ list – check here.

I’ll tell you HOW…

Ah, welcome. Bored? Nosey? Here by accident? However you arrived at this post and my blog – welcome.

Here’s a blog about………

  • How to make money. Sell all your stuff on eBay. I have to say that I’ve made quite a bit of money this way and this site may give you extra ideas.


  • How to pick a lock. *This advice is merely for if you happen to be locked out of your own house…… I am not recommending picking any other locks!


  • How to make pancakes. MMmmmm, yummy! I thought I’d add this as it’s just about this time of year that we have Shrove Tuesday (pancake day). Enjoy!




  • How to yodel. What a bargain website. I bet you’re glad you visited my blog now……. (hmmmm?)


  • How to fart. I’m sorry – I had to include this. The website goes into so much detail. There are strategies for different games, sounds, stories and even poems…. What more can I say? Explore away.




  • How to make ‘jamieonline’ happy. Comment on my blog, click ‘Like’ or to really make my day – Subscribe. I’d love to welcome you back sometime soon.

I hope that my little list had added a smile to your face, some joy into your life and a little humour to your day. Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to share with your friends (see below).

Merry Christmas Bloggers. (More wine and mince pies anyone?)

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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It’s Christmas! I love Christmas! Christmas Day is always fab. I’m 31 years old, but I’ve woken up in my own bed at my mum’s house. (I do not live at home and I am not single….just before you start judging me). I am home visiting my family in England and it’s lovely.

Plans for the day:

  • Open presents (They were under the tree…. I do believe in Santa, I do……)
  • Watch the two most special people in the world open their presents.
  • Munch on chocolate when nobody is looking (Ssshhhhh, After Eights ARE allowed, it’s after 08:00).
  • Eat breakfast at approx 11:59 (That is still officially morning and so that’s acceptable).
  • Dig out the Christmas CD (Oh no…. Wham, Cliff and a bunch of 70s rock bands singing the same bunch of songs).
  • Assist with the Christmas lunch (It’s the blind leading the blind in the kicthen).
  • Phone the family (Merry Christmas to one and all).
  • Stay in pyjamas for as long as possible (Either that or until my Mum starts to make comments about my appearance).
  • Drink wine and finish dinner.
  • Eat dinner and drink wine.
  • Drink wine and eat Christmas pudding.
  • Drink wine and read the joke from the cracker…. (That old one).
  • Wear silly Christmas cracker hat…… (Check watch….) It’s nearly time.
  • 15:00 “Can everybody be upstanding?” (I would if it wasn’t for all those wines….) It’s time for the Queen’s Speech on TV.
  • ……The rest of the day blurs together like a happy dream. More wine to accompany the family and friends visiting. Perhaps some TV, some chatter and some games….

All in all, the day will be lovely. It’s such a shame that it’ll be over before it started. Only 365 days to go.

*This blog was written before Christmas Day on the wonderful Schedule timer. Just in case you were thinking that I was sitting in front of my computer at 09:00 on Christmas Day. Not a chance. I’ve got prezzies to open!!

HRH The Queen is now on Facebook.

It’s been in reported in the British news and so I had to investigate and follow suit with joining the pages for ‘The British Monarchy’. Yes HRH Queen Elizabeth II has joined Facebook along with the other millions of people around the world. I now have an image of her sitting, in her slippers, in her study in Buckingham Palace updating her status and adding friends. I doubt it’s like that in real-life though.

With The Queen now online via various other sites, Facebook seemed to be the next natural step. It’s a great way for the Royal Family to reach out to the younger generation and I’m all in favour of that. The UK is divided when it comes to opinion of the Royals but, that said, they flock in the millions to London when there is a big event. I am counting down to London’s celebrations in 2012 when The Queen has been on the throne for 60 years!

So, what can we do now that she has joined Facebook? There are a few disappointing things to note….Before you even ask – you cannot ‘poke’ her Majesty. You cannot add her to your friends list, but you can ‘Like’ her.

It’s a shame that I can’t add the royals to my friends list. It could be like collecting football player cards… It would be great to collect the full set. However, just like football cards there would be those that you didn’t want to have in your set (a.k.a. Camilla, the one married to Charles).

235,607 people ‘Like’ her Majesty’s British Monarchy on Facebook and that’s all within the first week. Pretty impressive! This got me thinking and I went onto Facebook to do a little more research. (These stats were correct at 17:00CET on 13.11.10).

15,894,287 people ‘Like’ Barack Obama (wow, that’s some statistic).

461 people ‘Like’ the Pope.

21 people ‘Like’ Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (c’mon Bea, you’ve got some catching up to do).


16 people ‘Like’ Camilla Parker-Bowles (I’m stunned!!).