Eurovision Semi Final 2

Less than a week to go! Eurovision Season is starting…

The second semi final for the Eurovision will be on Thursday 24th May.

Here are the entries (in order) for the second semi final.  I have said a little about each one. In bold are the ones I hope to qualify.

Serbia: 7/10 – This man knows how to do well in Eurovision. He represented Serbia-Montenegro in 2004, coming 2nd and then wrote the Serbian entry in 2008, coming 6th – as well as hosting it in Belgrade. Watch out…

Macedonia (FYROM): 8/10 – This lady has a voice. What a belter! Effortlessly sung. I think it will get a LOT of Balkan votes.

The Netherlands: 8/10 – The Dutch have a terrible record in qualifying – 2004 was the last time they made the final. I hope this gentle song about childhood memories takes them through. You’ll remember the Indian headdress – that’s for sure.

Malta: 6/10 – 1980s throw back. This is performed by a guy who needs to wear looser clothing.

Belarus: 6/10 –  Their 9th entry and one which won’t do particularly well. I liked it to start with, but have gone off it.

Portugal: 8/10 – Typical Portugal – anthemic and possibly not gonna make it through the semi.

Ukraine: 8/10 – This has grown on me. It’s very West End ‘Lion King’…

Bulgaria: Zzzzzzz. Possibly the second worst entry.

Slovenia: 10/10 – My personal favourite! This gentle ballad builds to a fantastic finish. The 16-year-old has a great voice. I LOVE it!

Croatia: 4/10 – A dull Balkan ballad. Zzzzzzz.

Sweden: 10/10 – Whoah! Time to wake up. Something different in Eurovision. Loreen does some contemporary dance with martial arts moves in this attention grabbing number. Brilliant. I won’t be surprised if we’re in Stockholm next year.

Georgia: 5/10 –  They qualify every year – I don’t know how. This probably will – but it’s not great.

Turkey: 8/10 – Another grower. After seeing this guy in Amsterdam, I love it. Ahoy there Turkey. See you in the final…

Estonia: 10/10 – A gentle ballad, sung by a handsome chappy. Estonia deserve to do well with this. But, there are a LOT of ballads in this semi.

Slovakia: 5/10 –  It’s a bit Bon Jovi – which is a little odd.

Norway: 9/10 –  Sung in English; written by a Swede and sung by an Iranian/Norwegian. Recipe for Top 5. They are recreating Sweden’s 2011 entry though…. blatantly.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: 6/10 –  And again – another Balkan ballad. Zzzzzz.

Lithuania: 5/10 – A dull end to the night.  Not great. This won’t be bringing the prize back to Lithuania. Sounds like Wham!

Which 10 do you think will make the final?

Watch the songs from Semi Final 1 and read my comments here.

“Bank Robber” Shopping Shocker!

Don’t ask me how I found this video link, but I did. It’s funny what can be discovered online if you’re bored enough.

The guy in the video has his own TV show and decides to ask the question, “What would happen if he dressed as an bank robber and went to do some ordinary shopping?” If I was one of the people working in the shops, I would have a heart attack.

Comedy or Horror?

Déjà vu, Düsseldorf (Semi Final 2).

Part two here, guys. The first semi final has been and gone. #2 is coming up. Do you want to know what you can expect from the second Eurovision Semi Final of 2011? This post gives a summary of the entries in the Semi Final 2 (Thursday 12th May). This is my attempt to show how all the styles and songs have been heard before in one form or another.

The 56th Eurovision Song Contest in Germany is taking place this week. Songs from all around Europe will be competing to make it to the Grand Final on Saturday 14th May. Each song has been written for the contest. They must be original. But, just how original can music be these days? During the national final season (from October to April) there was a lot of debate about ‘certain entries’ being rather similar to other songs.

It is 2011 after all and when it comes to music it is quite a challenge to write a piece of music which bears no resemblance to another piece. There are only so many notes after all.

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: This is a tricking one to compare to others. It’s quite an old-fashioned melody. It gets you tapping along from the beginning, but it wouldn’t have been out-of-place in the Eurovision 1976.
  • Austria: This to me has all the ingredients of an X Factor/Pop Idol finalist song. It’s like the winning song: Gentle start, it builds, the gospel choir join in and she ends with big notes. All that’s missing is Simon Cowell and the judges panel.
  • The Netherlands: Take That in 10 years time and this is what they’ll be singing.
  • Belgium: Tree huggers. Unbearable a capella.
  • Slovakia:  Not that different from The Saturdays mixed with a little of The Corrs.
  • Ukraine: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Girly girly, whiny whiny. I’m glad there aren’t too many songs like this one.
  • Moldova: I could imagine Madness doing this, but then I hear the strong eastern accents…..
  • Sweden: The first 10 seconds always make me think of the X Files theme tune. You’ll agree! Backstreet Boys? Hmmmmm – Just a little bit.
  • Cyprus: Typical Cyprus.
  • Bulgaria: Sounds a bit like Pink. What da’ ya reckon?
  • FYRO Macedonia: Rock from the Balkans. It’s been heard before.
  • Israel: Typical Eurovision here. Dana is back with song with all Eurovision ingredients included. You’ll be singing along with it instantly. “Ding Dong!”
  • Slovenia: Anastasia sings for Slovenia.
  • Romania: Scissors Sister doing a swinging number? A Brit representing Romania….. what!!??!!
  • Estonia: Individual and mysterious. Typically girl band-ish in the chorus, but great throughout.
  • Belarus: This sounds like some communist anthem! Unbelievable. Who will vote for a song called ‘I Love Belarus’……? You’ll be able to picture people marching to the chorus.
  • Latvia: The Latvian version of Blue (minus 2). If you close your eyes it really could be Blue.
  • Denmark: OK, this is the one that most people have been commenting on. I’ve heard hundreds of people saying it, so I’ll say it too. It sounds ‘similar’ to Andreas Johnson’s ‘Sing For Me’ song from the Melodifestival (Sweden’s national final) from a few years ago. But, it’s a different tempo, got more than enough differences and is damn good. Instantly familiar when you here it. A possible winner!
  • Ireland: It’s all been seen and heard before on X Factor (in the UK). I’m just thankful that they’re representing Ireland and not the UK in Eurovision. Oh the shame!

 Who do I think will make the final?  Moldova, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Sweden and Slovenia.

Eurovision 2011: The ones to watch.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is just weeks away. The songs are all selected. The acts are preparing and putting the final touches to their songs and stage routines. Who will win? This year the race is open wide. There is no clear favourite, which is a good thing.

Here are five songs that are worth keeping an eye on…. They could do very well.

Denmark: A Friend in London – “New Tomorrow”.

The song has caused some controversy with some people claiming it is too similar to other songs. Then again, in 2011 it’s quite a challenge to create a unique song. This is my favourite song of 2011. A dark horse. (Best bit to watch is after 2:00 – It will look amazing on stage in Germany in May).

France: Amaury Vassili – “Sognu”

France have raised the bar for this contest! This is undoubtedly their best entry since 2002. Paris 2012 is sounding a strong possibility. The song is anthemic! It reminds me of Bolero. Torvel and Dean skating around would not surprise me. Think Bolero/Vangelis and this is what you get.

United Kingdom: Blue – “I Can”

Finally, something to be proud of. The United Kingdom could win Eurovision again. This is the UK’s best chance since winning in 1997. After years of people saying that the UK should send an established act – here we have it. They can sing. They have the image. They have the stage presence and experience. They’ll go down well in Dusseldorf.

Estonia: Getter Jaani – “Rockerfeller Street”

Highly rated on lots of websites. A good bet in this year’s contest. Estonia wouldn’t surprise me by winning. The song really grows on you. It could look great on stage. How it comes across on TV will play a huge part it its success.

Norway: Stella Mwangi – “Haba Haba”

This song is addictive. Once heard it stays in your head, whether you like it or not. Norway could take the crown (but, she’ll have to hit some notes on the night and sway the juries). It doesn’t sound particularly Norweigan… But hey. It does sound more than a little reminiscent of Shakira’s World Cup 2010 anthem “Waka Waka”.

They are the five I’ll be keeping an eye on. Closely followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary. It’s Eurovision and nothing can be discounted.

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Spanish adverts (commercials) are seriously damaging my health.

Spanish TV is unreal. During our weekend break in Barcelona I sat with my group of friends relaxing in front of the TV. We watched a film (dubbed in Spanish but we didn’t mind). We were exhausted from our first touristy day out. The adverts came on (the commercial break to American readers). At first we laughed at the general ‘theme’ of the ads, but then we realised that the Spanish have ‘a thing’ for two themes……. Sex and illnness (in no particular order).

Almost every advert was related to sex or illness. It was unbelievable. I made a list for you all. Here goes:

  • Ear spray (the ad was way too graphic),
  • Cough medicine,
  • ‘Female’ cream (that’s about as much as I want to say…. Well that and the fact that this ad included a girl saying “Mummy, I don’t itch anymore!”),
  • Cold remedy,
  • Condoms advertised with ‘playing’ in the fields,
  • ‘Strepsils’ for your throat (“All major holes seem to be catered for in this break” said one of my friends),
  • Dandruff shampoo.

Are the Spanish on some illness scare….? And more….now it’s:

  • Rectal cream for piles… (delightful viewing),
  • Now risotto, but they’re advertising it with a couple getting ‘at it’ on the kitchen floor,
  • Breast milk? I don’t know what it was advertising,
  • More cold stuff…. A hot drink to soothe your throat,
  • Now cleaning product for your kitchen.

 I’m worried about stepping outside!!!! Spain must be under quarantine by now.

  •  More cold tablets….

Oh, it never stops.

Cartoon taken from (A great site, take a look).