Which bottle would you choose?

While walking along one of the arty streets in The Hague (Den Haag) my attention was grabbed by a rather interesting window display.

Lots of water bottles were placed randomly throughout the window space, each with a different label.

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Oh which one to drink?

Anyone fancy a swig of ‘sex’? How about some ‘chi’ to calm your inner self?

Which one would you like to try?


A very clever car park.

I was in for a surprise when I drove to Ikea the other evening. A few modifications had been made to the underground car park at Ikea Delft. Lights and sensors in a car park! Clever parking. I loved it.

It may not sound like much (okay, I know it’s not the most exciting post), but it really was useful. Most times that you visit car parks you drive up and down the rows, especially when it is busy. Finding a car parking spot can take time.

In Ikea there were rows and rows of lights mounted to the ceiling. The lights had a sensor pointing left and right and were placed facing all parking spots. If both the parking spaces were occupied then the light would turn from green to red. Clever!

Parking sensor lights, Ikea Delft.

The moment I drove into the aisle I would see where a space was (right from the other end). I didn’t know that such technology existed. I am hoping to see this system in many more car parks soon.

Everyone needs a nerdy post. This was mine.

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When it comes to driving remember the 10 Driving Commandments.

If Big Brands Made Condoms…

Imagine what advertising campaigns would be like if condoms were added to their product range? The brand taglines have been added and suddenly it all sounds rather different…

Nike condoms: “Just do it!”

American Express condoms: “Don’t leave home without it.”

Polo condoms: “The condom with the hole.”

Wendy’s condoms: “Where’s the beef?”

McDonald’s condoms: “I’m lovin’ it”.

Avis condoms: “We try harder”.

Peugeot condoms: “For the drive of your life”.

Miller Brewing condoms: “Tastes great, less filling”.

Chrysler condoms: “Inspiration comes standard”.

Jaguar condoms: “Born to perform”.

Nokia condoms: “Connecting people”.

AT&T Wireless condoms: “Reach out and touch someone”.

Nescafe condoms: “One thing leads to another”.

and my favourite…..

Gatorade condoms: “Is it in you?” (Oh dear – worrying).


Any better ones? Contact me or comment below. Would love to hear other ones.

Product Confusion

I was always under the impression that marketing teams worked tirelessly in their offices, around boardroom tables and in a variety of other ‘creative spaces’ when they had that spark of genius.

Are they not the ones who are paid mega-bucks to come up with fantastic product names? I have some questions I would love to ask the people who came up with the product below:

  • Just who came up with this product name?
  • Who is it marketed at?
  • Why, why, why……..
……er what is this item called?

Caught on camera: A shop window with a real ‘eye-catching’ display.

I just planned on doing a little window shopping. I didn’t expect to be faced with this window display!

Erm....what is that I see? Take a closer look.

Yes, I think you’ll find that on the top shelf there are some lovely fake breasts for sale. Underneath, for the more conservative shopper, you can purchase a framed picture of the lovely Lord Jesus Christ!

Perfect: One shop to get all your family gifts sorted!

The post Christmas shop.

Credit cards

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Christmas was wonderful. Christmas without the mayhem was divine. I didn’t feel the need to wake at 4am in order to be in the Boxing Day Sale queues. The madness of the people obsessed with claiming their bargains. I was sleeping in the warmth of my bed as thousands of crazed people ran through shopping centres all across the country. Why? If they really wanted whatever they were buying, why not buy it at the normal price to make sure you get it.

I did head out for post-Christmas shopping (yesterday, mind you, so that’s okay in my book). We wandered for 5 hours from shop to shop. I was very controlled. I didn’t abuse the credit card and left at 19:00 (quite early for me) with only two bags of goodies.

My family were out in numbers…My niece who was obsessed with finding £5 pants got her wish. (She’ll kill me for posting that about her, but I doubt she’ll notice). It’s always hard to shop when there are nine of you trying to look for your own things. We managed! I do feel the urge to go out shopping again, while I’m in England. I have to make the most of it. I won’t be back for months…. Oh, what to buy?

Obsessed with snow

White Christmas

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Snow, snow, snow…. Delicate, white and pure.


No….It’s delicate. It brings a sense of calm and tranquility.

Or……………. More CHAOS!

While many people around the world embrace the inevitable snow that comes with this season called ‘Winter’, the Brits are beside themselves. Ah, something new for them to moan about. They wish and wish all year for a white Christmas, yet two days into snowy weather and they are all cursing the very mention of that ‘S’ word.

The news in the UK….It goes like this….

Main Headlines: “Snow has brought the country to a halt. The airports are shut. The roads are chaos!”

Sport: “Snow has disrupted many events across the country. (Oh, boo – No football…..)”

Transport: “Snow has brought the chaos to airports (Hadn’t we mentioned it? Well, we’re here to make you panic… So, the airports are shut! Motorways are looking more like white carparks”. (Stay indoors everyone. Chocolate and wine will help you cope).

…………..and now…. Weather………………

“It’s snowing out there!” (Really?)

So, what is the obsession with the white stuff? Why do the Brits love it, yet hate it? Why does the UK come to a grinding halt the moment there is 4 cm of snow laying on the ground? Forget WMD to attack the UK, or suicide bombers making long term plans….. All you need is a snow cannon and the country is crippled.

I love the snow! I think it’s fab! I’d happily watch it snow for months…

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