The doors of Brick Lane: London

I enjoyed a weekend in London recently and decided to take a trip to Brick Lane in East London. I’d seen a television programme that week that was all about the history of the East End. I wanted to see it for myself – so went along to explore.

There was street art everywhere I looked. I went snap-happy with my camera and loved every moment. Here are some of the amazing doors I found!









Dancing Through Life

So, my niece is also a blogger…. A recent discovery of mine, but one I want to share with my readers too.

Francesca is really keen on snapshots and photos – it’s quite different from my blog, but take a look and see what you think.

Read it here.

What did you think, guys?

Dirty pants? No problem!


Just when you thought it was safe to check out the washing instructions…

We were on holiday earlier this year in Cyprus and decided to do a spot of holiday washing. When we checked the washing machine manual it showed this…

Read the first line of notes.

Always read the instructions

Just what are they expecting? In fact, no, I don’t wanna know…


Run Mo, Run!

I saw this website on Facebook earlier today. Mo Farah, the British athlete has created a storm of fans after winning two gold medals in the London 2012 Olympic Games. His expression at the end of his final race captured the imagination of some viewrs and inspired someone to create a website all about Mo.

It’s brilliant! you have to check it out.

Check out the brilliant website here ‘Mo Farah Running Away From Things’.

I wonder which other backgrounds he could be captured with… Suggestions?


Our Tandem Ride

On our recent holiday in France we decided to try something new as part of our ‘outdoors’ experience. Living in The Netherlands, we love cycling. It’s a national hobby for the Dutch and possibly the most-used form of transport.


We didn’t want to hire ordinary bikes while we were staying near Lake Annecy in the south east of France – so we chose a tandem.

Big mistake.

Looking confident? We were anything but…

Riding a tandem is so difficult! My co-ordination and balance is pretty good, but this was so tricky. The fact that there were cars and other cyclists nearby didn’t help either. Cycling along we looked like something reminiscent of a Laurel and Hardy film.

After hiring the tandem for about 4 hours we decided that we wanted to live a little longer. Time to take the tandem back and reluctantly take two normal bikes.

I wish I could do this…

If any of you have tried cycling on a tandem then I would LOVE to hear about how you got on.

Knitted covers for your bike, bus or car.

I have some friends who love knitting.

Okay, I should be clear on this one. Some love knitting and some like to croquet.

The urban knitting craze is taking off and here are some wonderful examples of how the craze has taken an unusual twist.

Perfect for all the abandoned bikes here in The Netherlands.

Now THAT is a bus I would love to catch!

Isn’t this just the cutest Smart Car!

I also found a great website with fantastic knitted things. It’s called Mochimochi Land. Take a look.