Murray Mania!

He’s done it!

An emotional semi final victory for Murray

He’s made it to the Wimbledon Final.

The British fans have waited 74 years for this momentous day when finally a male Brit (and yes, I acknowledge that he is a Scot and a Brit) makes it to the last match.

The crowd cheer on the local hero – It’s almost as though he’s won the whole thing.

Can Murray win on Sunday?

I hope so.

The match against Tsonga was a thriller today. Murray started fighting for his final place right at the start! He broke Tsonga early and looked to take it in three straight sets. Tsonga wasn’t going to go down with a battle…

I never thought I would see the final section of the draw look this good! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! He meets Roger Federer next – it’s not going to be easy.

from Wikipedia

The 2012 Champion? – We will soon see….

There are some signs that he could be heading for victory:

  • Fred Perry turned 25 in the May that he won Wimbledon. Murray has just turned 25 (this May).
  • In 1977, Virginia Wade was the last British women to win Wimbledon… It was also a Jubilee year for Queen Elizabeth II – just like 2012.
  • I have a feeling – and that’s good enough for me.

I have everything crossed for Andy Murray!

Go win it!

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Is it time to ban Serena from the Grand Slams?

Serena Williams. Oh yes, Mouthy-Serena-WIlliams. Once upon a time she was World #1 (actually she was #1 five times between 2002 and 2009). 

‘She is considered to be one of the greatest women’s tennis players of all time’. (I’m quoting Wikipedia there). Hmmm. I disagree. The quality of her game may be comendable, but her on-court behaviour and outbursts towards other players and the umpires is a disgrace! She is far from a world-class player.

Note to Serena: Lacking respect makes you a pretty poor tennis player.

Personally, I’m fed up with watching her parade about on TV as though she is superior to all others. Get off your podium Williams! The interviews that she gives send shivers down my spine.

So, this year’s US Open Women’s Final had to be degraded by Williams’ rant to the umpire, Eva Asderaki. Williams, who was playing against Australia’s Samantha Stosur had returned the ball and (thinking she’d won the point) shouted “Come on!”. The only problem was that the ball had not bounced twice – therefore she had lost the point. This all happened at an important break-point moment in the match (in favour of Stosur). Williams being Williams, she became angry with the umpire and made several gestures and snide remarks about her during the next several games, warning her, “Don’t look at me,” and telling her that if Asderaki ever saw Williams coming toward her, she should “walk the other way”.

Even in defeat she is graceless. She couldn’t even hold her hand up and accept her mistake or any responsibility. Instead she said “I hit a winner, but I guess it didn’t count,… Hmmm – such sarcasm. I’m glad she was defeated. I would imagine that Stosur has a little more dignity.

Just who does Williams think she is? It was only two years ago that she was playing, yet again at the US Open (2009), when she started ranting at the lineswoman after a foot-fault. It resulted in the infamous “I didn’t say I would kill you. Are you serious?” comments being caught on microphone…. Oh the shame! I felt so sorry for the lineswoman that year, and for Klijsters who had her comeback tainted by Serena’s selfish outbursts.

World Tennis can do without threatening behaviour on court. High emotions and a thirst to win is one thing – but Williams is something else.

The future is looking bright for British Tennis.

I love tennis. Watching tennis, that is…

Every Grand Slam I watch in eager anticipation that the British players (okay, that usually only means Andy Murray) will do well. But – oh yes – there’s a big…. BUT…

It’s all about to change. The British Juniors are doing better with each new season. In the Boy’s Singles Draw 2011 at the US Open, 3 of the final 4 players are British.

I’m so happy!

US Open 2011: Boy's Singles Draw (from Wikipedia)

That was the proof! 2 seeded Brits and Edmund, a newby. Let’s just hope that one of them manages to stop Veselý from winning. (Sorry readers in the Czech Republic).

While I am writing about tennis – Good Luck to Andy Murray! You’ve just made it to the semi finals. Wahooo!