Will England host the 2018 World Cup?

I’m really excited about Thursday. FIFA will be voting in Zürich to see which nation will host the 2018 World Cup. I have my fingers and toes crossed that there will be a repeat of that 2005 feeling when London was announced as the winning city for the Olympic Games 2012.

The contest for the World Cup 2018 will go down to the wire. It could go to Russia (although I hope not). I am not sure, but I think that they are current favourites. Spain/Portugal and The Netherlands/Belgium have joint bids for the tournament too. It would be interesting to see those work. But I favour England. It’s the home of football. My home nation too (no bias of course)…. England also has the biggest stadiums out of all the bidding nations. Wembley Stadium for the final would be incredible. I can see myself sitting their taking it the atmosphere in 8 years time. There’s something special about being at an international event such as this in your own country.

Living in The Netherlands at the moment also means that IF, and it’s a big IF, England don’t get the World Cup (oh, please please let it be England), then I would prefer to see it hosted here in The Netherlands (Holland) and Belgium. The Dutch would go crazy! They love it almost as much as the English.

Roll on Thursday! C’mon FIFA……Pick England.