Amazing Guitar Skills – performing ‘Sing’

The song ‘Sing’ by Gary Barlow is an incredible one. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. The power of children and adults singing together from around the world. Amazing!

Here is the Gary Barlow video. If you have never seen it then sit back and enjoy.

I was on YouTube looking for an instrumental version of it and came across this video. One man in his house, performing over the backing track with his guitar.

What talent!!! It’s brilliant.

Here is the video.

The Comeback Kid

My jaw almost kit the ground today when one of the children in my class took everyone by surprise.

To remind you – I teach – I teach 3 and 4 year olds, and that pretty much guarantees that there will be shocks and surprises – on an almost weekly basis.

Today a little angel of mine was feeling sick (Eng. = poorly; Aus. = crank).

I’m so international.

The mum (of sick child) arrived and came into the classroom. I explained how her daughter had not been feeling 100% and that with her soaring temperature, it was best to have a nice restful afternoon at home. Being a teacher who encourages the children in my class to express themselves and be confident individuals I was not surprised when another of my little treasures started chatting to the mum.

She asked the mum why her little friend was going home – to which the mum replied, “Well she’s not feeling very well, so I am going to take her home”.

This clearly wasn’t enough info – more please – “Why isn’t she well?” (the girl asked)

The mum smiled back and explained that her daughter had been feeling sick during the morning….

The girl looked at the mum – thought a bit and said – “Perhaps you should have thought about that before you brought her to school today”.

It was said in a flash of brilliance – but with such innocence….. I almost choked.


No one gives you a manual when you have a baby.

Our neighbours have just had a baby. We’re thrilled for them. I’m a little green with envy – he’s just so cute!

Our Dutch neighbours live upstairs – it’s The Netherlands after all, so everybody pretty much lives upstairs/downstairs in apartments.

I got to thinking about those first days as a parent.

How do people know what to you?

I expect it’s all about learning ‘on the job’. I’d be so nervous.


I did some random googling (as always) light research and discovered this.

Maybe I’ll email it to my new neighbours – just in case.

Frantic Origami

We recently had International Days at my school. It is a time to celebrate our school’s multi-cultural make-up.

The children come to school dressed in a traditional costume or clothes to represent where they come from or where they have lived. We have a big parade where all the children walk through school in front of each other and all the parents. It’s a great sight!

Loads of the parents volunteer to come in and run a stand representing their countries. There’s food to eat, games to play, puzzles to work out and things to make! I love it.

This year I had some volunteers to come in and work with my class.  My class are 3 years old. We did lots of different activities – making flags, sharing stories, craft fun, dancing and lots more…

Next, we were going to try…. origami.

Yes, origami with 3 year olds.

I was a little stunned to begin with – but the children loved it.

I am not sure whether they loved the activity more or the fact that their teacher (me) and teaching assistant were frantically rushing around our little circle (with 13 children) helping to fold paper left, right and centre.

It was simple origami. By that I mean – extremely tricky rather complicated. I giggled as I worked.

I think I’m an origami pro now!

I’m glad it’s the weekend – I need the rest!

Not a child from my class - I just love the expression! Boats next time, maybe?

The Mysterious Case of Missing Underpants

In the life of a teacher – this is just another of those mysteries.

I was teaching a class of 5 and 6 year olds last week. Working with young children is great fun, but it comes with consequences…. Sometimes children have accidents at school.

Wet accidents.

It happens…. It’s part of life. No problem.

The little boy in my group didn’t seem too fazed. I led him to the toilets and gave him spare pants and trousers to change into.


Well, I thought it was sorted…

About 5 minutes later the boy returned to the classroom followed by my assistant. She brought the plastic bag containing the wet trousers and asked where his wet pants were.

Where did they go?

I looked at her with a puzzled look.

“Are they not in the bag?”

“No” she replied.

“Where are they?” I asked myself…

I’ve been teaching long enough to consider all possibilities…… It could only mean one of the following:

  • He had hidden his wet pants somewhere in the boy’s toilets.
  • He had binned them (children do this from time to time).
  • He had not taken them off and was now wearing two pairs of pants: 1 wet, 1 dry (bizarre, but I’ve seen it before).
  • He had flushed them in an attempt to hide the ‘evidence’.

We went and searched the toilets.

No pants!

The boy didn’t speak any English so we couldn’t ask him – that plus we didn’t want to make ‘a big thing’ of it.

How can a pair of underpants go missing?

Any ideas? What do you think……?

The next day I stopped to talk to his mum in the playground. We talked about the accident. Not a problem she said – it happens.

I asked about the missing underpants. I said we couldn’t find them.

“Oh yes, they were on his bed at home. He forgot to put them on in the morning!”


You gotta love boys.

Mexican teacher protects class during gun battle.

An amazing teacher posted a video onto Facebook showing the scenes when she calmly protected her class whilst a drug cartel gun battle went on nearby.

The video, posted below, has taken the internet by storm after it was discovered by local news.

Class teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis can be heard asking the children to lie on the floor and stay down. “No, my love, nothing is going to happen, just put your little face on the floor,” she tells one girl.

During the shoot out there were 5 people shot and killed at a nearby taxi stand in Monterrey.

The teacher has since received an award for her bravery by the state’s governor.

What an amazing teacher!