My long London walk

I have just had an amazing couple of days in London. Got back home on Saturday night and felt like my feet might actually drop off. I thought that when I plotted my route on the map that it may have stretched to 25 miles, okay perhaps a little optimistic, but it really did feel like the marathon walk.

London is just the perfect city for discovering something new, something amazing… Around every corner there are things to see. I can honestly say that my trek through London helped me rediscover the brilliant Buckingham Palace, secrets of Soho and the towering heights of the Shard.

I must head back down to London soon.screenshot-2017-01-30-17-57-53

Get a grip

How can it be that I time whizzes by a such speed that I am left sitting in amazement. I used to blog so much. I used to be on WordPress weekly to enjoy the posts of friends around the world or simply to share a moment that had made me smile.

2017 is here already… How? When did 2016 come and go so quickly, and without so much as a “hello there”.

New Year Resolution 1 – blog.

Get through the year and actually put my mind to it. Who even remembers that I used to blog? I barely do myself now.

Of course, being married and a terribly mature individual now (cough, cough) I shall have to think of new and wonderful thoughts to share.

Don’t hold your breath 😉