Getting back into the blogging rhythm

Just how long has it been? I think it’s been about 3 years, possibly a little less since I last posted on this blog. It’s been running quietly in the background , always here, but never added to. It’s been a crazy couple of years. I’ve packed in SOOOOO much.

What have I done since?

  • I got married. What a wonderful day that was! Can’t believe that I’ve just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
  • I travelled to the Caribbean and swam with turtles. That was quite a way to celebrate our honeymoon.
  • My ten years in the Netherlands are coming to an end. Back in February I took a new job ‘back’ in the UK. It’s quite a strange feeling to be heading ‘home’. I hope I still like it. I’ll be talking more about that soon.
  • City trips. I have packed in a few visits to cities in Europe. I love it. The camping bug has stayed with us and we’re still popping to different place. Where to head outside Europe? Good suggestions welcome.
  • Life. Life has just been busy. It doesn’t take long to get out of sync with something.

I will get some of my new ideas into One Life soon. Great to be back guys.

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