The doors of Brick Lane: London

I enjoyed a weekend in London recently and decided to take a trip to Brick Lane in East London. I’d seen a television programme that week that was all about the history of the East End. I wanted to see it for myself – so went along to explore.

There was street art everywhere I looked. I went snap-happy with my camera and loved every moment. Here are some of the amazing doors I found!









8 thoughts on “The doors of Brick Lane: London

    • It’s quite incredible how an area, which is not looking at its best, can really be transformed by art. There were so many things to see in the area. Every time I looked around I saw something new – Just imagine how much I must have missed.

      • I seem to be addicted to ‘Street Art’ – It’s my new favourite art form…. I am not sure that I will go back to that part of London. There are new places to see all the time…. Berlin and Prague had amazing street art too – I am sure there must be a new location for me to discover soon.
        Maybe in years to come it will be worth heading back to see what’s new. As I don’t live in England, my time in London is extremely precious when I do get the chance to go.

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