Our Tandem Ride

On our recent holiday in France we decided to try something new as part of our ‘outdoors’ experience. Living in The Netherlands, we love cycling. It’s a national hobby for the Dutch and possibly the most-used form of transport.


We didn’t want to hire ordinary bikes while we were staying near Lake Annecy in the south east of France – so we chose a tandem.

Big mistake.

Looking confident? We were anything but…

Riding a tandem is so difficult! My co-ordination and balance is pretty good, but this was so tricky. The fact that there were cars and other cyclists nearby didn’t help either. Cycling along we looked like something reminiscent of a Laurel and Hardy film.

After hiring the tandem for about 4 hours we decided that we wanted to live a little longer. Time to take the tandem back and reluctantly take two normal bikes.

I wish I could do this…

If any of you have tried cycling on a tandem then I would LOVE to hear about how you got on.

7 thoughts on “Our Tandem Ride

  1. I tried once… it is terrifying being in the back seat! You have zero control, and turning a bike requires a lot more leaning than you realize happens until you’re not the one doing the leaning… the bike is just tipping over! I think I’ll be like you and stick to the single person bikes.

    • I don’t know which was worse… Being on the front or the back. In the end I took control of the front of the bike to ‘feel’ as though I had more control. People must have thought that we were crazy. There were hills to get up and down too. Too tricky for a nice relaxing holiday!

    • Hi. Thanks for the comment….

      I must explain that there are a few possibilities as to why it was tricky. It could have been the bike… The handle bars were very low and we’re used to cycling on bikes with high bars… It could have been our combined balance… (There was no drinking involved though – i must explain).

      I HAVE done it before, in Canada years ago. I recall it being much easier that time.

      You MUST try it. It’s lots of fun no matter whether you’re good at it or not. 🙂

  2. HAHAHA! I laughed so hard at that Youtube video, so funny! Pity you didn’t get a triple-tandem bike, that granny in the background looked keen to join in! 🙂

    • That’s very true. She was very keen indeed. There was NO more room on the bike, plus we wouldn’t have wanted to be responsible for her ‘very sticky end’…

  3. I couldn’t control the front at all. A hired one with a friend when we visited a little Scottish Island. She didn’t want to be at the front all of the time but she had no choice because I was so rubbish!!

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