Europe… According to the British

Britain and Europe.

You thought that they were linked? Clearly the Brits disagree…

It’s all very mixed up.

The UK (or is it Great Britain? Or Scotland? Or Wales?…. England even?)…. They don’t really feel like Europe. Quite often you hear the UK media refer to ‘over in Europe’ as though the UK itself is not part of it.

Well it makes sense. We (Brits) are ever so glad to have the ‘English’ Channel to keep us and them far enough apart.

Here’s what the Brits really think of the rest of Europe.

11 thoughts on “Europe… According to the British

  1. The Federation of Europe is going really well I hear, however I’m on the other side of the channel so it may be that the carrier pigeons are bringing me old news….

  2. I know… I love the phrase ” Europeans they …(whatever)” … (and usually said in a derogatory tone)
    um it begs the question: what are the Brits if not Europeans? … Americans?

    • The Brits are British – nothing more and nothing less.. Hahaha.
      They want nothing more than to watch the ‘rest of’ Europe from afar – and to sit on the fence at every step of the way.

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