Those Russian Grannies

Russia could be on the brink of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year it was not a 20-something girl in a short, sparkly skirt who won over the Russian voters – but a group of six gorgeous little grannies, Buranovskiye Babushki – and I love them!

This is my favourite one! She is the star of the show… (Just so cute).

To make them even more amazing, they beat off fierce competition from the Russian superstars, Dima Bilan and Yulia Volkova . Dima had previously achieved 2nd in the Eurovision in 2006 and then went on to win it in 2008. Yulia was no stranger to Eurovision either, having competed as half of t.A.T.u in 2003, coming 3rd. They were the act to beat…

And boy those Russian grans beat them to a pulp.

I don’t know what I enjoyed more – Watching the grannies sing and dance on stage or seeing the facial expressions of Dima and Yulia as the cameras swung past them as the winning song was performed. TV classic!

So, now Russia are second favourites to win the whole contest in just over two weeks in Baku.

Do they have what it takes?

Take a look at their performance in the Russian National Final.

4 thoughts on “Those Russian Grannies

  1. These ladies are hilarious! adding the lines in English “I wanna dance, I wanna party for everybody” just so DOESN’T fit with everything else they obviously are… age/looks/culture etc.

    Do you think they know ANY other English words? I don’t somehow think so LOL. ( I suspect they are like my elderly Dutch Aunt who learned to say “How do you do” but since that phrase used almost every word in English she knew, she could never understand the answer LOL).
    Gosh they ARE cute… especially the tiny lady… Dima and Yulia had NO hope of topping HER!!!

    • I haven’t seen the show yet (I have it recorded). Must watch soon! Jealousy indeed – but the Brits WILL be voting for Russia – they love that stuff.

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