Not much to say really on the topic… Except this:

1. defriend  
1. To remove someone from your Livejournal, MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking site. Doing this is often seen as a passive-aggressive move, telling the person without telling them that you no longer want to be friends. It’s also commonly a response to drama. Defriending someone often causes more drama. There are sometimes valid reasons for doing this.

That’s the definition of ‘defriending’ from Urban Dictionary. I think it quite hits the nail on the head.

We didn’t have these issues before Facebook. But, finding out someone’s not interested in being friends because they’ve removed themselves on FB is always gonna be a shocker.

12 thoughts on “Defriended

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  2. oh dear, it’s been a while since I last visited your blog. So sorry about that.
    I defriended someone on Facebook some time last year, as expected, huge drama!!! Then I befriended her again but restricted her from seeing my profile, again, DRAMA!!!
    Now, I am so reluctant to defriend some not-so-close friends. But I don’t like them checking on me either… SIGH!

    • Haha – I don’t mind a bit of a de-friending when it’s someone that is barely a friend.

      This was a friend – or who I ‘thought’ was a friend. Hehe – they joys of social media.

  3. Ahhh…… That of course would be a shocker. And it makes you wonder what you have done to make him/her defriend you. 🙂

  4. Hey jimmy how’s you?

    Fb is a pain in the you know what… I clean up my friends list from time to time. If I’ve no interaction with certain people I kick them off. It’s nothing personal but why be on someone’s fb if you’re not going to communicate with them?

    C ya 😉

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