It’s getting a bit crowded

When I woke up this morning I thought it was just another normal day.

I got dressed and ready for my first day back at work. I’ve just enjoyed a week holiday (yay).

In no time at all it was time to go. I stepped outside…

My my – hello busy world.

7 billion people in the world?

I thought the roads looked a little busy…

On a serious note though… With a world population like that, how are we all going to fit on Earth? This planet is only so big.

The rate at which the human race is multiplying is quite scary. Look at the projections below.

6 thoughts on “It’s getting a bit crowded

      • Actually, I was watching the evening national news here in America and they mentioned several babies from several countries to claim the 7th billionth because it would be almost impossible to tell for sure. They didn’t claim America had the 7 billionth baby, at least not on the network I was watching. Just sayin…
        Yes we are getting crowded aren’t we? And because of the growing middle class in countries such as China and India (which is a goog thing, but…) resource and energy usage is rising at an alarming rate. Then there’s the fact that the planet is getting hotter, which is causing crazy weather all over the world.
        Sorry for the ramblings. I’m studying this stuff in my Masters
        program. I get a little wordy.

      • I quoted the 7 billionth from Yahoo… I believe everything they print 😉
        It is getting crowded – we’ll all have to pack in closer together – good looking guys closest, please.
        It’s freezing here today – where’s the global warming when you need it.
        Glad you came to ramble on my post – always good fun.
        J xxx

  1. I was wondering too, how did we get 7 billion. Guess every breath we breathe, we are contributing to the global warming.

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