No one gives you a manual when you have a baby.

Our neighbours have just had a baby. We’re thrilled for them. I’m a little green with envy – he’s just so cute!

Our Dutch neighbours live upstairs – it’s The Netherlands after all, so everybody pretty much lives upstairs/downstairs in apartments.

I got to thinking about those first days as a parent.

How do people know what to you?

I expect it’s all about learning ‘on the job’. I’d be so nervous.


I did some random googling (as always) light research and discovered this.

Maybe I’ll email it to my new neighbours – just in case.

17 thoughts on “No one gives you a manual when you have a baby.

  1. You’ll be hearing a lot from this baby in the first year…often in the middle of the night too LOL
    They are gorgeous indeed, but the first year is often a very tough one with a large dose of sleep deprivation for new parents so cut them so slack if thinsg don’t run perfectly.
    Even better,, after all the “newborn hubbub” of visitors etc.. has died down, cook them a meal and take it over… they will think you were heaven sent πŸ™‚

    • I doubt we’ll hear the baby boy. They live upstairs/next door and the bedroom is two floors up. There’s going to have to be some screaming for us to hear it…. Plus, a nuclear explosion wouldn’t wake me up!

      Great ideas for things to do in a few weeks/months time. Fab!

    • I’m like a magnet to odd ‘findings’ online. I love to surf amongst the weird and the wonderful. I have lots more coming….
      Thanks for the congrats – our little neighbour has been very quiet since we popped up to introduce ourselves….. He must be biding his time.

  2. I’m here to tell you, I have seven children and it’s not pretty hehehe There are moments, like when they are sleeping you think to yourself WOW I made that sweet thing. But then…they wake up and start talking and shoving things that have no right being in someone’s nose.
    Just as a side note for the future should you dabble in parenting: a tic tac peppermint candy will make a child sneeze for roughly an hour when lodged in the nasal passage. Oh, and marshmallows are not suggested by me to use as ear plugs πŸ˜‰

    • Seven children!!!??!! Wow – hats off to you. I can imagine that you enjoy any free moment that you manage to claw back for yourself.
      I would love to become a parent – it’s a possibility for the future. I hope it happens. Quiet and well behaved children only, please.
      Thanks for commenting on the post and for visiting my blog. Much appreciated.
      Come back soon. xx

  3. To most women the mother role comes naturally.. well apparently it dosen’t to Koreans as my korean sister in law left her baby outside my place with a note and ran away
    Think I’ll have to print this manual and share it with her! Thanks!

    • Hi there,
      It’s a long time since I’ve seen you at my blog (welcome back). :-))
      I saw my neighbour today. They’re doing well – TIRED – very tired, but good.
      Lucky things!

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