Communication Status: Out of Order

I am barely coping!

I’m not at home as I type this.


It’s all broken.

I didn’t mind last Thursday, to begin with…

Then came the weekend…

Then came Monday…

It’s Tuesday now and I’m going through ‘cold turkey’.

My internet – television connection and phone connection are all out!


No more!

Nil connection.

How can I blog? How can I Facebook?

I’m having to talk to people. I’m reading books… I’m getting all the jobs done that I never got around to.

My poor little ‘One Life’ blog is suffering though. I like to be prompt with my replies.

Sorry peeps!

So, keep your fingers and toes crossed that the magical engineer can fix everything tomorrow!

I’ll be back – As that Austrian guy once said.

I mean Arnie – not that other one!

5 thoughts on “Communication Status: Out of Order

  1. Ouch! No internet connection is a very painful affliction 😦
    I suffered it recently too when my old laptop died, fortunately I had some blog posts in the schedule and recovered after a few days with the medicine of a new laptop, but I feel your pain.
    I have no Facebook or even a mobile phone… I can live without them very happily…but no internet… no blog? my laptop IS the mobile device that I can’t live (easily) without!
    I can only wish that your internet connection gets well soon with a very full and speedy recovery 🙂

    • The engineer came out. Problem NOT fixed. We had our street dug up just outside our house (last week). We now think – and it makes sense – that they have accidently cut our cables….. Oh oh oh!

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