Sneaky Shifty Sick-days.

Ever faked it?

Sickness – not that other thing.

Faking that is a whole new ball game…

"Fit as a fiddle.... Get back to work!"

Have you ever faked sickness to get a day-off work?

Being an angel I have never done that (cross my heart and hope to die).

I read a great blog recently about skipping work due to ‘sickness’, by a WordPress friend that you can find on my Blogroll – thesinglecell). The blog was entitled ‘It Appears My Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds’. I had to read it. I loved it. Some of the best headings were:

  • I stayed away from Facebook on Sunday.
  • I walked slowly.
  • I stuck to the script.

Okay. Serious bit (kind of). Disclaimer. I am NOT recommending that people ever call in sick. This post is not an advice page of any kind. I do not advocate doing it. Don’t blame me if you get caught. Don’t quote me if you get away with it. This post is just for fun. Fun. Fun. Possibly a few chuckles. I am representing nobody. Keep my work out of this. I represent my ‘naughty side’. Hahaha.

A very funny poster that you should check out and download – All about ‘faking sickness’.

I’m now looking online to read up more. I’m actually stunned at how much there is on faking sickness. Stunned!

wikiHow has a list. It’s a massive list. It’s humourous. Don’t take it too seriously. Check it out here.

Aha. My ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free’ card. Time to show that I look at both sides. This next site is all about ‘catching’ the fakers.

How to spot if your child is faking sickness. Haha – got you!


9 thoughts on “Sneaky Shifty Sick-days.

  1. Loved this. Loved the faking sickness post. Good stuff. I’ve never faked in my life……..sickness that is. I did try to be straight though. That’s another story.
    As for your RED disclaimer stuff: “Methinks thou dost protest too much”


  2. Oh my goodness — thanks for the laugh! Though this is the first post of yours so far where I feel happy, but also sad. Because I think of *why* there is a how-to on the web on faking sickness to get out of school, and then I think of the poor kids who have something they don’t want to face, and so that’s what makes me sad.

    But don’t take my comment too seriously. I’m not feeling well today. 🙂

  3. Oh, look at you! Thanks for the link… I fear it makes me look like a terrible person so I hope people at least read far enough to know I felt horribly guilty about the whole thing. I still grapple with the guilt. Anyway, pop over to my post today if you’d like. There’s something there for you. Yes, you.

    • Ah – you shouldn’t feel guilty. It doesn’t make you look like a terrible person either……. Although – How many time have you tried it?
      I’ve not had internet much recently – It’s all out at home! 6 days with no TV, internet or phone. Aaaaahhhh!!!
      I popped to your site! fab! Thanks! Truly wonderful…. 🙂

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