“Bank Robber” Shopping Shocker!

Don’t ask me how I found this video link, but I did. It’s funny what can be discovered online if you’re bored enough.

The guy in the video has his own TV show and decides to ask the question, “What would happen if he dressed as an bank robber and went to do some ordinary shopping?” If I was one of the people working in the shops, I would have a heart attack.

Comedy or Horror?

9 thoughts on ““Bank Robber” Shopping Shocker!

  1. LOL!!! I was drinking water and I nearly spit at 1:16, the 3rd place he went!!! Hahahahaha…… Speaking of prejudice huh.
    There’s been a lot of cases here where people robbed with their helmets on, now everyone freaks when someone goes to the ATM with the helmet on. 😛

    • I think I would also be a bit ‘concerned’ if that happened.
      After all the bomb threats in London when I was there I became (and still am) paranoid if I see a bag in a station/airport/etc without some standing within 2 metres.

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