A mountain for Holland?

When people think of Holland (or The Netherlands, to use the correct name) they think of tulips, bicycles, clogs and a very flat country. It’s true – The Netherlands is very flat, and mostly below sea-level. But, that might all be about change…

Plans have been made to create a mountain in the country. The man-made mountain is planned to be an amazing 7,000ft (2134m) in height – that’s twice the height of Snowdon, in Wales, and far bigger than 4,409ft (1344m) Scotland’s Ben Nevis.

A mountain for The Netherlands?

The idea came from a Dutch sports journalist called Thijs Zonneveld, who suggested in a tongue-in-cheek article that a man-made mountain should be built to help overcome the lack of decent hills in his homeland.

Surprisingly, the plans which were not entirely serious have been taken seriously by some of the Dutch. The Dutch Ski Association, Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association and Royal Dutch Cycling Union have been particularly interested in such a project. They hope that the creation would turn the famously flat country into a winter sport superpower in Europe.

The project would cost billions. Make that approximately 300 billions euros. A cost which would probably increase over time. It could take more than 30 years to complete. However, once complete it could become a city in itself, with houses, shops, arenas and even roads and railways within. 

What do you think? I have no idea where they’d plan on building the thing.

17 thoughts on “A mountain for Holland?

  1. If Quatar can make an Isle we (The Dutch) can certainly build a mountain. I’m only somewhat curious what effect it will have on the climate and shade. I think people will complain of having even less sun 🙂

    • That’s true. Nothing is impossible nowadays. The Dutch reclaim land like it’s going out of fashion. True, in Qatar and UAE they’ve had amazing projects building over the water. This could be the next great thing. I have heard a few people talk about the long-term effects on climate. Who knows…

    • I didn’t realise that the meetings had started taking place. I saw the ‘sea proposal’ – it’s all looking very interesting. There will be lots of opposition though, I can imagine. Any idea where the land version could be?

  2. Before I’d even read Helen’s comment I was going to suggest that surely the Dutch would reclaim sufficient land from the sea – that way they’d keep the sailing community happy as they could then moor at the marina and hop a bike!

    • I’d love to be one of the first to climb or cycle up the mountain. But, I’ll be about 62 when it’s built – and that would be if they started immediately… Hmmm…

      Another thing is that in 15 years the whole construction industry will have developed again. I like the fact that the Dutch are planning way ahead. That’s always good.

  3. This is a joke, right?

    Anyway, no issue about where to put it – there’s a large area of land that would be perfect. I believe it’s known as “Almere”.

    • It’s really quite cheap, huh?
      It’s takes most countries about 7 years to build and prepare for the Olympic Games…… 30 years for a mountain isn’t bad by comparising. How long did it take to build great wall of China? 🙂

  4. Hmm, I have very mixed feelings on this one, if they give NL a mountain just imagine the space it would take up and then think the queues and queues of people waiting to walk, climb it etc. It would hardly be “wilderness” would it? LOL

    … and the cost? mega ouch! I mean it’s not like Europe’s Alps are particularly far away, or that travel to them is at all hard.
    Personally I think I’d rather that they put 300 billion into wind or wave energy and made the Netherlands “greener” that way.

    Congrats on the hits! Well done 🙂

    • MIxed feelings indeed – I think I share them too. 30 years to create is quite some wait too. I do quite like the idea of building it out in the North Sea. At least land would not be used up. I wonder, if they filled it with businesses, homes, etc, the cost could be clawed back somewhat. Food for thought though.

      Thanks for the congrats! xx

  5. by the time they finish it the greenland an antarctic ice-caps will have melted due to global warming, sea-levels will rise by 70 metres and the netherlands will be mostly under water

  6. yeah sorry to be alarmist. i just think its ironic that we are faced with the greatest challenge of human history, ie how do we avoid total environmental catastrophe and mass extinction, and we are spending vast amounts of time and resources on white elephant building projects like this…..booo! sour grapes, etc

    • It’s very true what you say. I think it’s one of those issues that people will only want to believe when they see it. So many people think it’s so far ahead into the future.

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