Viral Internet Crazes: Planking, Owling, Teapotting, Horsemanning and more.

A few months ago I blogged about ‘Planking’ (with my Planking: 10 Things You Didn’t Need To Know About It post). I thought it was funny. I wouldn’t try it, but it seemed light-hearted humour with a short shelf life.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Aside from the ‘planking death’ in Australia, and the many near misses, it has become increasingly popular. There are hundreds, thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of photos of people planking all across the internet. I have yet to pose myself. I think I’m far too busy to be caught up in such viral crazes.

It gets worse.

Not only do people continue to ‘plank’ on cars, streets, in over-head compartments (yes, I’ve seen it too many times now)… They also plank on other ‘plankers’ (for want of a better name).

Planking has now been joined by a whole host of new crazes: Owling, Teapotting, Headless Horsemanning and Tombstoning.

Stay with me. Don’t click away before you have been ‘enlightened’.

I expect you may have heard some, possibly even most of them. If not, let me explain:

Owling: First documented in July 2011.

Definition: ‘Owling is a variation on planking in which a person squats “like an owl”‘. (Wikipedia).

Okay. It doesn’t quite seem as impressive as planking. I Googled it. Again, I was met with thousands of images of people trying it. Admittedly, the guy in the pictures some have good balance to do that. But, it’s not great. Moving on…

Teapotting: Started shortly after planking. Who cares when…

Definition: Teapotting is one of the many variations of planking that arise shortly after planking went viral. Teapotting consisted of bending the arms in a shape of a teapot in reference to the children’s song “I’m a Little Teapot”.

I’m sure the kids I teach would love this craze. Simple. This girl went to the Great Wall of China and posed like this. Oh the shame. In years to come, when she is regretting it, her photo will still be circulating the internet. A craze may be for a week or two. The photo online is for life.

Headless Horsemanning (or just Horsemanning): First done in the 1920’s! (Seriously?)

Definition: Horsemaning involves posing two people so that they appear to be a single body with a detached head and is a revival of a photography fad popular in the 1920s.

I do think that this one looks pretty cool – If it’s done properly. I found this website, dedicated to people trying it. Check it out. Some are quite funny. I cannot believe that this craze started over 90 years ago. So, the younger generation are not to blame. Phew! Oldies – you have yourselves to blame for this one.


Definition: The practice of jumping into the sea or similar body of water from a cliff or other high point such that the jumper enters the water vertically straight, like a tombstone.

*DO NOT TRY THIS. Seriously dangerous. I’ve read some grim stories about people who’ve done it and been paralysed from hitting rocks beneath the water. Is an internet craze really worth that? There is no way I would jump off rocks like that.

All these crazes seem to be fuelled by the need to have something funny for Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Are people craving something new? Are they really that desperate to have something to upload to their sites? Well, clearly I couldn’t resist adding something about them all to my blog.

What’s next…. I just discovered this photo. Are there no limits?

I hope you’ve discovered something new today.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Which one are you trying first?

13 thoughts on “Viral Internet Crazes: Planking, Owling, Teapotting, Horsemanning and more.

  1. Pingback: Planking: 10 things you didn’t need to know about it. « One Life

      • The planking craze is all true. The story about the guy who fell of the balcony is sadly true too. Crazy world isn’t it. Simple fun that just goes way wrong.

  2. The only one I’ve heard of is planking. Haven’t tried it myself. Probably won’t. Headless Horsmanning, though? That is awesome! Might have to give it a try. But I’m probably too lazy to bother.

    • I think there will come a time (perhaps after a little wine) where you say to yourself…. “You know what, Terri, I think I might just give it a go” and then…..the slippery slope of planking will begin. 🙂

  3. So I read the bit about horsemanning in the headline and was sort of terrified of what it would mean. I’m relieved, in the end, to know what it is now. I find planking to be stupid, but still a good demonstration of muscle control. The rest of them are senseless. IMHO. 😉

    • So many of the latest crazes are totally senseless, but they remain popular. Why?

      Indeed the muscle control and balance is commendable…. However not for the guy who toppled off the balcony. Oops!

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