The Mysterious Case of Missing Underpants

In the life of a teacher – this is just another of those mysteries.

I was teaching a class of 5 and 6 year olds last week. Working with young children is great fun, but it comes with consequences…. Sometimes children have accidents at school.

Wet accidents.

It happens…. It’s part of life. No problem.

The little boy in my group didn’t seem too fazed. I led him to the toilets and gave him spare pants and trousers to change into.


Well, I thought it was sorted…

About 5 minutes later the boy returned to the classroom followed by my assistant. She brought the plastic bag containing the wet trousers and asked where his wet pants were.

Where did they go?

I looked at her with a puzzled look.

“Are they not in the bag?”

“No” she replied.

“Where are they?” I asked myself…

I’ve been teaching long enough to consider all possibilities…… It could only mean one of the following:

  • He had hidden his wet pants somewhere in the boy’s toilets.
  • He had binned them (children do this from time to time).
  • He had not taken them off and was now wearing two pairs of pants: 1 wet, 1 dry (bizarre, but I’ve seen it before).
  • He had flushed them in an attempt to hide the ‘evidence’.

We went and searched the toilets.

No pants!

The boy didn’t speak any English so we couldn’t ask him – that plus we didn’t want to make ‘a big thing’ of it.

How can a pair of underpants go missing?

Any ideas? What do you think……?

The next day I stopped to talk to his mum in the playground. We talked about the accident. Not a problem she said – it happens.

I asked about the missing underpants. I said we couldn’t find them.

“Oh yes, they were on his bed at home. He forgot to put them on in the morning!”


You gotta love boys.

20 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of Missing Underpants

  1. OH I love this. Priceless story. As the mother of two boys and the grandmother of three boys, I can wholeheartedly agree and understand this situation.
    When my oldest was 5, he was sent to his room for punishment. The punishment should have come with instructions because he didn’t think he was allowed to go to the bathroom. So he “went” in the bottom drawer of his bedside table. I discovered it the next day. Just had to follow my nose. It was pretty stinky.

    • Oh my lord. I would die if I discovered that!!!! I have found ‘things’ laying on the classroom floor in the past. “ahem, has anyone dine something and forgotten about it in my room?”

      Lucky mum, that’s what you are. Xx

  2. LOL!!! I was literally laughing out loud when I read the mom’s reply!!! Hahahahahahahaha.

    Well, I have nephew, 7 years old, caught him not wearing any underpants and he replied, calmly, “Aunt Ashley, it’s too hot.” LOL! BOYS!

  3. oohhh this reminds of a time at school… while getting ready for PE in primary school or teacher would make us have PE in just our pants and vests.. and one girl was refusing to take her trousers of that day… when the teacher kept pushing her… the girl kept making excuses that she had spots on her legs… and she even said she was feeling cold… but the teacher wouldn’t let it go and she eventually demanded to know why she wouldn’t remove them.. the girl confessed she had no pants on … it was so embarrassing…

    Poor girl was forever teased for it… 😛

  4. I had been planning to give you a versatile blogger award. I had a little blurb written and everything!!
    But bother – someone else did it first.

    Just know you were in my thoughts! 🙂

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