Happy Camping

Camping is great! Fresh air, back to nature, living life freely… What more could you ask for? (Okay, so some of you probably said ‘a hotel’……. I agree that hotels and cozy holidays are nice some of the time, but camping is fab – especially when you find the right spot.

I’m hoping that our camping trip to France this summer goes without any problems. I want a chilled time. Total relaxation and time to complete many of the things on My List for 2011. Reading the Harry Potter series in on my list as well as dancing in the rain and writing a poem. I’ll have time to tick off those things…. Wish me luck.

If you’ve ever been camping then I am sure you can relate to the next bit.

Here are some great camping one-liners:

“I thought you packed the toilet paper”.

“Shhhhhh….. Did you hear that noise?”

“Just one more hill to climb, it’s all flat from here”.

Of course I packed the tent poles”.

ย “I love camping. You havenโ€™t lived until youโ€™ve cut your way out of a sleeping bag with a Swiss army knife”.

Searching the internet for things about camping has been fun. Here are some good blogs about camping:

Love in a Tent

Kyla40’s Travel Blog

10 thoughts on “Happy Camping

  1. I have one. “Is that a Snake in your pajamas, or are you just glad to see me?”

    Have fun camping!

    • Haha. You’re so bad! Naughty girl. Go and sit in the corner. :))))
      Can’t wait. It’s almost time to pack the Mini. Europe adventure #2 – here we come.
      We’re driving through The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland en-route to Annecy. Fab fab fab.

  2. Camping is fun. In Australia you have to watch out for kangaroos and wombats because they can actually dig under the tent. Once I wakened up and there was a wombat sleeping on the end of my sleeping bag – he had dug a litle tunnel right under the tent. Freaked me out!

  3. I’m a city girl… ergghhh .. don’t like the idea of peeing in bushes…

    here are some quotes from me to you… ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m sure that’s not poison ivy ๐Ÿ˜›
    Snakes? Naw… not to worry… never ever saw one where we’re stayin’ hahahahahaha

    Ho ho ho! It’s especially funny when the two quotes happen during the same trip.

    • Well I’m camping in France right now. Just by Lake Annecy (in case anyone feels like Google-earth-ing it. Camping here is FAB! The campsite is very modern. It has toilets, showers and loads of other facilities. It’s all VERY clean too. Love it. We’ve managed to Pitch our tent about 20 metres from the lake’s edge. What a view! Post coming when I’m home. The campsite has WiFi too – clearly. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Bas, my bf saw a snake yesterday, it was swimming in the water by the shop. Aaaargh! We even braved the lake today. Surely there are no snakes there………..

  4. Oh so jealous I love Lake Annecy, have skinny dipped in it often at night, the water can be so warm under the light of the moon (the kids are always in bed when I do this, wouldn’t want to scar them for life). Annecy the town is a beautiful medieval town, once thought the prettiest in France. You may have moved on now but if not enjoy a beautiful part of the world, wish I was there, sadly back in the UK now.

    • I’ve just had two of the best weeks ever camping on Lac ‘d Annecy. We camped at Bout du Lac (right at the southern point of the lake). Fab fab fab! I shall be writing about the time I had there when I get home. I’ve got a week in the UK to enjoy now before heading back home to Holland.

      We didn’t do any skinny dipping…. Hahaha. Maybe next year. I’m going back for sure.

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