A very clever car park.

I was in for a surprise when I drove to Ikea the other evening. A few modifications had been made to the underground car park at Ikea Delft. Lights and sensors in a car park! Clever parking. I loved it.

It may not sound like much (okay, I know it’s not the most exciting post), but it really was useful. Most times that you visit car parks you drive up and down the rows, especially when it is busy. Finding a car parking spot can take time.

In Ikea there were rows and rows of lights mounted to the ceiling. The lights had a sensor pointing left and right and were placed facing all parking spots. If both the parking spaces were occupied then the light would turn from green to red. Clever!

Parking sensor lights, Ikea Delft.

The moment I drove into the aisle I would see where a space was (right from the other end). I didn’t know that such technology existed. I am hoping to see this system in many more car parks soon.

Everyone needs a nerdy post. This was mine.

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When it comes to driving remember the 10 Driving Commandments.

6 thoughts on “A very clever car park.

  1. I Hate hate hate IKEA, but love the idea. It’s HUGELY needed in places like Bronovo Hospital where you can drive around and around and around and around for a parking space… sadly the public parking space there is outdoors so I think the lighing system would be very hard to install.

    • How can you hate Ikea? All those lovely things to buy….. Those yummy meatballs….. They are a MUST.
      Bronovo car park can be awful. I was there not long ago (I’m okay, don’t panic), but luckily it was quiet.

  2. I love the dutch for their logical thinking and never leaving anything for the unexpected. Time efficient! Loved your nerdy blog!

  3. Jamie, why do I have no love for IKEA?
    …becuase we have Swedish friends who told us a few years back: Apparently the founder if IKEA started the company with sudden wealth via dubious dealings in WW2 … to do with accumulation of items ‘acquired” from people sent to concentration camps (I have not researched facts on this myself)and as Swedes they were VERY VERY anti-IKEA.
    What I DO know for CERTAIN is that due to a minuscule loophole in the law, IKEA have managed to set themselves up as a “stichting” in The Netherlands and apparently too in Sweden. A “stitching” is a “Foundation” and a foundation’s main business is supposed to “support” artists etc, but in reality as far as most people can make out, that’s the tiniest part of their business. It’s all set up this way for Profit and Tax reasons of course, Foundations pay a fraction of the taxes that real companies have to. It sucks, but they’ve managed to do it legally.
    For the rest, although I agree that it looks great, I think I rest easier shopping elsewhere.

    • Now that’s something that I had never heard. My school is also a ‘stichting’ here in NL. Ikea has gone worldside. It can’t be possible for them to have same tax ‘benefits’ everywhere?…. Can it?

      Thanks for the response. Let’s see what happens with that. 🙂

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