I’ll Answer Your Questions….. I think.

So far my blog has been about my experiences, my observations and other general bits and pieces. I was scanning through WordPress this evening, reading other people’s blogs when the idea came to me….. Why not ask the readers to participate?

Here I am. Asking you to take part. Simples!!!

All you have to do is comment below and ask me a question. Any thing you like. My next post will answer ALL of the questions (to the absolute best of my ability). I just hope I get some responses. It’ll be a rather dull ‘next post’ otherwise.

I leave the questioning to you. An open bag! How exciting. Who’s knows what you will ask, want to ask or will dare to ask.

Time starts now!

13 thoughts on “I’ll Answer Your Questions….. I think.

  1. Ok, I’ll break the ice and go first…
    Qu: if you had total freedom of opportunity to really follow one of your passions and leave a lasting legacy behind you that benefited the city/country/world, what would you do and what would your legacy be?

    • Great question. Wow. What a first question…….
      I will have a good think and it’ll be my first answer in my newest post *coming soon*

      I’ll mention you in my post.
      Thanks for the VERY difficult question. :-)))))

  2. Hmm… Here’s my question: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Why? Oops…… Looks like there’s 2 questions here. 🙂 Don’t mind the why then. 🙂
    It could be anything, of yourself or the world history.

    • Being a typical Leo male it will be something about me for sure.
      Thanks for the sneaky two-part question. I will answer both. Answers coming soon.
      Keep a look out! 🙂

  3. My questions for you:

    1. When are you coming to Vegas? Would love to meet you!
    2. Do you have any pets?
    3. If you have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

  4. My question is: If you could visit 5 countries in the remainder of your lifetime – which countries would you choose and why? (can be somewhere you’ve been or somewhere new)

    • A travel question! I like that, as most of my bloggy friends (you included) must know that I LOVE my travels.
      Tricky to think of only 5. The reasons will have to be VERY good.

    • Hey Chris, Your blog is great. You chose a different blog site to me – I don’t know much about the one you’re using. Loving the stuff you write about. How are you getting on for visitors to your blog?

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