Hey there people. I’ve been quiet for some time. I’m still here. I just thought I’d blog about stress. It seems quite approproate right now to talk about it. Hahahaha. (Nervous laugh).

Mmmmm. Now that looks like fun!

Question to you all: Feel free to answer in the comment section under this post.

How do you deal with stress?

Do you scream, shout, hit out, cry, stomp about, go quiet…….? I’d love to know. Maybe I could set up a stress management section on ‘One Life’. πŸ™‚

Wrong on every level.

Of course, that’s not the only option…….

11 thoughts on “Stress.

  1. I tend to go into depression when I’m over-stressed. It’s not a pretty picture. And getting out of it is a bitch.
    Hoping your stress subsides, and soon!

  2. When I’m stressed, I lost my eating appetite, but I tend to shop a lot!!! It’s very dangerous when I’m stressed and out in the shopping mall, I’d spend like a millionaire and regret later for spending so much. Hahahaha. But the stress is gone. I guess this is what they called retail therapy, and it’s expensive!

  3. Well, let’s see. I generally keep it to myself, except when it comes out inappropriately in a seemingly unrelated situation.There’s alcohol. Good edge-taker-offer. Measured doses, natch. There’s really loud music (if I’m upset-stressed, like over a man), or there’s really soothing music (if I’m work-stressed). There’s food. Obviously. And uh… crying. Sometimes there’s crying.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t deal with stress very well. I tend to get quiet and stay to myself. I cry. Sometimes writing helps. Sometimes I just need to let some time pass. I have nothing very effective to offer.

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