6 months of blogging. 6 things I love about it.

It’s been 6 months. How can it already be 6 months since I sat behind my laptop and created ‘One Life’, my WordPress blog?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride but I’m sticking with it. I love the surprises. Here’s my list of 6 wonderful things that I love about my first 6 months of blogging.

  1. I love sitting at my laptop and reliving an experience. Whether I’m writing about a recent trip away or about something funny that I have seen – It’s great to write about it. Somehow I feel it captures the memory and makes it more permanent. I do have a bad short-term memory and so it’s not such a bad thing. Plus, it’s always funny to hear what others think about what’s been going on.
  2. Making friends via WordPress and Twitter. The people I have connected with via WP and T make me smile. They comment on my posts and give great feedback for making it better. (Special hi to Terri, Terri, Jamie, Ashley, Melissa and thesinglecell).  I’ve added great blogs that I enjoy reading to the Blogroll on my sidebar. They really are worth checking out. Some of the people who I have connected with have become borderline stalkers. Online stalkers though……and I love it. If you too want to follow my blog then you can subscribe. Equally you can click to stalk follow me on Twitter on the sidebar.
  3. Condoms are more popular than I ever though possible. It’s quite unbelievable, but it’s true. ‘Condom’ is the most popular keyword used to bring people to ‘One Life’. Ah, yes………I did blog about them a while back. Here’s my most popular post about condoms.

    "Oh, that's just made everything in the world seem better".

  4. I follow the locations of people reading ‘One Life’. I don’t have secret tracking devices out watching you all 24-7, but I can see on the world map where the readers are from. My biggest audience by far is the United States (howdy)….. Oh sigh, that’s poor, but I thought it would be better than mentioning ‘tea’ (coming from a Brit that is)…… Talking of tea though, I posted about tea and it’s very popular. Tea and its magical properties. If you haven’t read it then take a quick peek.
  5. Lists! I love the lists. I created a list of things to achieve/do/experience in 2011. Lots of other blog friends have created a 101/1001 list. It will take them ages to achieve – but what a thing to do. Look, this post is just another list.
  6. The best bit about WordPress and blogging is find out that I’m not the only one…… I’m not the only one who does stupid things, has a bad memory, forgets things, loses things, says the wrong thing……. It’s a relief. Let’s all give each other a big blog hug.
    There, didn’t that feel better?

19 thoughts on “6 months of blogging. 6 things I love about it.

  1. Wow, has it been 6 months already? Amazing! I love your blog, Jamie, cos I never know what you’re going to come up with next. Your posts are always interesting and funny so please don’t stop – looking forward to the next one … Cheers Alison

    • Thanks Alison,
      That’s really kind of you to say. It’s lovely to know that ‘real life’ friends also enjoy reading my posts. The time really has flown by…….
      See you soon, I hope.
      Jamie x

  2. Hi Jamie!!! Congrats on the blog. Even though I don’t have much time to comment or give feedback (the children and Miami life -I don’t know how to cross out life and write beach beside it- consume me 😉 I enjoy it very much. Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud while I queue up for the carpool. I think you are a super blogger and a great topic picker!!! Keep up the fun work! Un fuerte abrazo, desde sunny (and OMG too hot today!) Miami.
    PS: That mum in the Hague warning their children about the tram, sounds like me warning them not to go too far in the sea or they’ll get eaten by a shark! (They now don;t want my husband to go swimming 😉

    • Hi Vicky,
      Big hellos to you and your husband and of course the children. Oh yes, don’t let them get eaten by sharks….. Will they grow up terrified on sharks now? Possibly.
      Glad you’re enjoying my blog. You read it while waiting about (that’s a good time). I have so many topics buzzing around inside my head. I never know what will come next.
      THANK YOU for taking the time to comment. It’s great that you’ve subscribed. You’ll never miss out on the fun.
      Hugs (and missing you all),

  3. Hellew! Sweet of you to mention me… and post my blog in your blogroll! Thank you! And I’m named right above the condoms, at that! I’ve had a long day at work, writing things and staring at computers… and I saw that picture and was like, “oh, a picture of colorful condoms. La la la, reading on…” And then my brain screeched to a halt, rewound, and thought, “Wait. A picture of colorful condoms?!” I must now read the condom entry (heehee, I said “condom entry”) to see if it answers the one question I have in mind…

      • Oh no. 😦 I didn’t want people to feel sad. I didn’t intentionally leave people out, but I couldn’t name too many of the fun and influential people who visit and comment or else it wouldn’t be special to the group. You’ll get your mention – Just you wait. Smiley faces only please. 🙂 It’s the ‘One Life’ blog. Life is too short for 😦
        Jamie x

  4. Jamie……you are one of the bright spots in my online experience. So glad we found each other. I love to brag that I have a friend in the Netherlands. I get a lot of “WoW!”s
    Congrats on your six months. I’ve been blogging for 10 months now….planning something special for my one year anniversary.

  5. Congrats on your 6-month blogging life 😀 It’s fun to blog, isn’t it? 🙂 And I hope you don’t find the courage/reason to quit, I’ll be extremely sad if you stop blogging. It’s not just the interesting posts, it’s the way how you could make even the not-so-happy things to look so, hmm… cheerful. 🙂

    Aww… So sweet of you for mentioning my name there. Thanks!

    Keep blogging, Jamie. 🙂 Keep blogging.

    • I’ll still be blogging. I love it. May and June have been my busiest months (visitors) since starting. It’s great to see that people are stopping by. Even better when they comment. 🙂 Thanks, Jamie x

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