Fit to fly: The campest flight safety intro EVER.

You have never seen a flight safety video quite like this one. Richard Simmons, US oddball fitness legend is Air New Zealand’s safety ambassador for inflight safety videos. Does it make you want to fly with Air New Zealand? Well, I’ll let you make up your own mind.

The video really should come with a warning. There are some scary looking outfits. Colourful lycra, fluorescent leg warmers and sweat bands are back to haunt you all. The male instructors are clearly having a great time.

The music track featured on the inflight safety video is a specially recorded version of Yazz’s 1980s hit record ‘The Only Way is Up’, performed by New Zealand singer Leza Corban.

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8 thoughts on “Fit to fly: The campest flight safety intro EVER.

  1. I think it’s inspired! People always ignore the safety messages (not me; I cuddle my card the whole flight) and at least this will get their attention.

    • 🙂 Great response. Are you a nervous flyer? I love it. I had lots of turbulence on my last flight. I ended up it a fit of laughter as I gripped onto my wine and bottle.

      I think I would die laughing if a guy like the one in the video ever boarded a flight.

  2. The video is hilarious, but the message is clear. 😀 I used to watch Richard Simmons on our local cable TV, not for the exercise, for laughs. Hahahahaha…….

    I wasn’t afraid of flying until last year, during the flight to Bali, hit a major turbulence and the plane kinda like dived. That scared me a lot! And, when it landed, it hit so hard on the ground and for a moment I thought the plane was going to crash! Since then, i’ll get terrified whenever there’s turbulence and the landing part. LOL

    • Glad that you liked the video.

      Turbulence can be terrifying I know. Sometimes it’s a good thrill, other times it is simply awful. But, they do say that flying is the safest mode of transport.

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