Mexican teacher protects class during gun battle.

An amazing teacher posted a video onto Facebook showing the scenes when she calmly protected her class whilst a drug cartel gun battle went on nearby.

The video, posted below, has taken the internet by storm after it was discovered by local news.

Class teacher, Martha Rivera Alanis can be heard asking the children to lie on the floor and stay down. “No, my love, nothing is going to happen, just put your little face on the floor,” she tells one girl.

During the shoot out there were 5 people shot and killed at a nearby taxi stand in Monterrey.

The teacher has since received an award for her¬†bravery by the state’s governor.

What an amazing teacher!

6 thoughts on “Mexican teacher protects class during gun battle.

  1. Oh Jamie… I am crying right now. Thank you so much for sharing this. I saw something fly by about this on the internet, but did not watch the video. Now that I’ve seen it… I am in tears. What an amazing, remarkable woman. Even though I didn’t understand what she was saying, I understood everything she was conveying. And when she broke out into song, to engage those tiny children and distract them from the gunfire — to have that courage. I am in awe. What she did will stay with me for a long time. When something scary happens to me, and my children are right there — it’s a true struggle to remain calm. I have to detach from the moment and focus only on them, otherwise they’ll get worked up too. And to have done that with an entire room of children, when you can’t hug them and hold them close, with gunfire outside the windows… what a woman. Thank you for sharing.

    • It is very emotional to even imagine what it must have been like for her. I wonder what was going through her mind afterwards, it’s a different world. Some videos are worth sharing – not to entertain but just to remind people of wonderful people who live in the world. Thanks for stopping by again to watch it.

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