“Let’s make magic”. The best (or is it worst) of online dating responses.

Dating websites are never dull places. ‘Interesting’ profiles and pictures that will make you smile or scream (mostly scream). I’ve seen some ‘shockers’ over the years. I thought this reply from a dating website was just too good not to share with you all. A friend of mine had registered on a site, messaged a guy and then received a reply from the guy (the blue text). You can see her email at the top (the purple text) in sending on the fantastic reply that she received.

*I’ve changed the names to keep anonymity (otherwise they’d kill me for sharing it). I hope you enjoy the bizarreness of the reply he wrote. It had me laughing out loud.


> Subject: Get a load of this…
> From: anonname@email.com
> Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 19:01:54
> To: myname@email.com
> Jamie
> I thought you’d love to see my message from Dutch bloke on the dating site!!!
> Classic I think you’ll agree!
> Xxx
> Sent from my iPhone

Thanks for writing me back – Honestly when I first saw your profile I was intrigued! also with a polite profile, you’re a beautiful woman and I really admire that very much. First you have to understand that all that glitters aren’t Gold but when i see a pure diamond i won’t hesitate to jump on it. silly me with cute joke. lol.

I am Currently in West Central Africa- Working on a Project. That would explain the somewhat late e-mails. Been here over a month and now I have 2-3 weeks to return to the UK. I will like to get to know more about you and see where this leads to – feel free to ask me questions – I will be glad to answer and tell you more about myself, I enjoy a good conversation. I want you to know that the distance should not be an obstacle ok..We can always try and work things out.. We can make it only if we try…

I am in search of an ideal woman!! Someone to share my passion and love for. If you think you’re ‘down with it’.. Let’s make magic. One thing you should know is half British and half dutch.. Dad is British and my Mom is Dutch. I’m sure that little detail is in on my profile. I moved to the UK after so many years of staying in Holland. Feels good to be home. Why do I call the UK home? Well home is where the heart is, isn’t it? smiles*. You do have my Attention! I will write a lot about me on my next email – this is just a tipsy.


18 thoughts on ““Let’s make magic”. The best (or is it worst) of online dating responses.

    • My friends and I had the same response. We didn’t know whether he was drunk or tripping when he wrote the response, although to be fair it could well have been in his second language. I don’t know how much better a response of mine would be in a second language.
      All the same, it was filled with some classic and cringeworthy one-liners. Classic stuff.

      I’m glad you tried to make understanding from it. Thanks for visiting my blog and special thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • If I ever venture into the world of online dating.. I may just copy and paste his email, word for word, just for fun and send it to some unsuspecting person.

        It really is an instant classic. lol

      • You are more than welcome to use his words. Haha. I think I could try the same, but I’m taken so I really shouldn’t.

    • Yay. You’ve subscribed. Thanks. You’re the first new subscriber since about a month ago. I hope I keep you entertained over the coming months. Feel free to share ‘One Life’. 🙂

  1. I just read his letter again, and you kind of get why he is on line dating! can you imagine him in real life? I think this guy would be in your face all the time. eeewww! I think in order to date this guy on line is best and the distance will be the best thing about it! 😛

  2. Reminds me of an email a lady-friend of mine received a few months back. He began by saying that after reading her profile, he was ready to pursue marriage. Awesome to jump the gun like that and propose via email.

    The 21st century rocks, doesn’t it?

    • Wow, what a response. Marriage so quickly. That would have been a bit of a shock. Great stuff. It is true, the 21st century rocks indeed.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting.

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