Unlucky or not? It’s Friday 13th.

Today is the only Friday 13th of 2011. Is that a good thing?

I suppose we can say yes as it leaves only one day to be extra careful. I’m trying to think of things that may have happened today which may have been unlucky, although I’m finding it quite difficult….

Maybe it’s not happened yet? Is my unlucky ‘thing’ about to happen? Friday 13th should be banned. It creates anxiety and undue stress for people all over the world. Can’t we just skip it?

Thanks to http://www.savagechickens.com for the great image.

4 thoughts on “Unlucky or not? It’s Friday 13th.

  1. It’s my lucky day, usually. I’m hoping to hear that I landed that job today, but so far, nothing. Dang. Have a good weekend!

    • The weekend has been spectacular! I went to Düsseldorf and watched the Eurovision Final along with 35,000 people all from around Europe. There were flags everywhere and a great party atmosphere!!! UK came 11the in the competition. It’s ok. I’m calming down from months of excitement.

  2. I didn’t even realise it was the 13th till about 8pm at night. Day was ok just like any other normal day. Shame i forgot what it was or like you i would have blogged it! 😛

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