Planning the perfect Eurovision Party.

For anyone out there who has not yet hosted or been to a Eurovision Song Contest party – 2011 is the year. It is a must in everyone’s calendar. You do not need to love the contest, or the music or the voting – but a party to remember the night by will be more fun than you’d initially imagine.

 Here is my list of essentials to make your party go with a swing:

The infamous scoreboard. We included all guests with a country but also left a space for a phone vote. There is nothing more entertaining than calling someone (another party, a friend, or as we did, my mum) to get their votes. True-Eurovision style). Put them on loud-speaker for extra effect!

Crazy guests willing to dress up and brings flags. Flags are a must!

 A trophy for the winner. (Blue Peter would be proud). 

Food to represent the countries particpating in the contest. Ideas here.

Some great tips for making flags from food of that nation.

Dance moves… There’s nothing better than dressing just like the performer of that year.

Recreating Spain's entry in 2008 (Rodolfo Chikilicuatre)

None other than Ukraine's Verka Serduchka, the 2007 entrant.

Bosnia’s 2008 entry. The girl with the apple dress. Memorable….Haha

Scoresheets (and guests who are really putting the effort into it).

A good imagination is always needed. Look at these countries. Can you guess which country they represent?

A tricky one. This is Oliver. He's hungry... Get it? Hungary. (sigh)

Very clever. Crow. Asia.......Croatia.

An easy one but fab. FIN-land.

I would love to have a Eurovision party this year. But….. I’m going to the real thing! Look out for me in the crowd of 24,000 people!! Enjoy the show.

11 thoughts on “Planning the perfect Eurovision Party.

  1. OMG! You have just totally set the bar for my eurovision party this Saturday! Loving the flags and the outfits but really not sure if I can ever match that trophy!!! I’ll have to send you a message and let u know how it went. Congrats on like predicting the outcome of the entire first semi final!!! Well almost anyways… 😉
    Meanwhile I hope you will have an amazing time in Dusseldorf! I’m mostly hoping Bas will come with you so you have someone that will stop you from bouncing off the walls and storming the stage in absolute ecstasy and getting picked up by the bouncers and thrown over their big shoulders… On second thought, go for it!!! Well I know you’ll be bouncing off the walls, I know you remember where we met!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

    I’ll take this opportunity of complimenting you on your blog. I’m a faithfull reader however have trouble posting comments as I usually read the on my phone while travelling. 😀
    Absolutely loved the post on dubious commercials from major corporations! Love hearing of your kids and their take on life!

    I hope you are well and am looking forward to your posts! And I’ll let u know when I’m coming over to The Hague coz we absolutely have to meet up soon!


    • Hey Sebastiaan,
      Thanks for commenting. Just finished watching the 2nd semi final. 8/10 correct predictions again. Haha. Yippee! Ah, it’ll be a shame to not have a Euro party this year but it’ll be amazing to be in Dusseldorf and screaming at all the performers!!!!
      Loving UK and I really hope that this will be our year!!!!
      Jamie x

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  3. OH MY GOD! This looks so cool and I definitely have to do this next year too. And it’s so cool that you were actually there! I’m freaking here 🙂 Hope you had fun!

    • You really must have a party. You’d have the time of your life (if you have great friends). It’s the friends who really make the night.

      Oh yes, Dusseldorf was great fun. I screamed and I waved my British flag like crazy. It had to be done. I’m already looking ahead to 2012.

      • I really have to find friends who like Eurovision as much as I do 😉 But I think if you make a party as rad as yours, everybody will come without questioning the occasion. Provided there’s enough booze 🙂
        I am so glad that the BBC takes Eurovision seriously again. If Britain takes it seriously, everybody else will. And that will make it so much better! I am so looking forward to next year!

      • The parties that I’ve had have been wonderful. They’ve all been so different and I love that. Always lots of booze available. Haha.
        The BBC love Eurovision and I’m so glad that they sent Blue. Next year the rules may change (from the European Broadcasting Union) saying that each country MUST have a selection competition and that internal selections may not happen (like UK this year). It will be interesting to see if a famous act follow Blue’s steps into ESC2012….. We’ll just have to watch and wait.

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