Déjà vu, Düsseldorf (Semi Final 2).

Part two here, guys. The first semi final has been and gone. #2 is coming up. Do you want to know what you can expect from the second Eurovision Semi Final of 2011? This post gives a summary of the entries in the Semi Final 2 (Thursday 12th May). This is my attempt to show how all the styles and songs have been heard before in one form or another.

The 56th Eurovision Song Contest in Germany is taking place this week. Songs from all around Europe will be competing to make it to the Grand Final on Saturday 14th May. Each song has been written for the contest. They must be original. But, just how original can music be these days? During the national final season (from October to April) there was a lot of debate about ‘certain entries’ being rather similar to other songs.

It is 2011 after all and when it comes to music it is quite a challenge to write a piece of music which bears no resemblance to another piece. There are only so many notes after all.

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: This is a tricking one to compare to others. It’s quite an old-fashioned melody. It gets you tapping along from the beginning, but it wouldn’t have been out-of-place in the Eurovision 1976.
  • Austria: This to me has all the ingredients of an X Factor/Pop Idol finalist song. It’s like the winning song: Gentle start, it builds, the gospel choir join in and she ends with big notes. All that’s missing is Simon Cowell and the judges panel.
  • The Netherlands: Take That in 10 years time and this is what they’ll be singing.
  • Belgium: Tree huggers. Unbearable a capella.
  • Slovakia:  Not that different from The Saturdays mixed with a little of The Corrs.
  • Ukraine: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Girly girly, whiny whiny. I’m glad there aren’t too many songs like this one.
  • Moldova: I could imagine Madness doing this, but then I hear the strong eastern accents…..
  • Sweden: The first 10 seconds always make me think of the X Files theme tune. You’ll agree! Backstreet Boys? Hmmmmm – Just a little bit.
  • Cyprus: Typical Cyprus.
  • Bulgaria: Sounds a bit like Pink. What da’ ya reckon?
  • FYRO Macedonia: Rock from the Balkans. It’s been heard before.
  • Israel: Typical Eurovision here. Dana is back with song with all Eurovision ingredients included. You’ll be singing along with it instantly. “Ding Dong!”
  • Slovenia: Anastasia sings for Slovenia.
  • Romania: Scissors Sister doing a swinging number? A Brit representing Romania….. what!!??!!
  • Estonia: Individual and mysterious. Typically girl band-ish in the chorus, but great throughout.
  • Belarus: This sounds like some communist anthem! Unbelievable. Who will vote for a song called ‘I Love Belarus’……? You’ll be able to picture people marching to the chorus.
  • Latvia: The Latvian version of Blue (minus 2). If you close your eyes it really could be Blue.
  • Denmark: OK, this is the one that most people have been commenting on. I’ve heard hundreds of people saying it, so I’ll say it too. It sounds ‘similar’ to Andreas Johnson’s ‘Sing For Me’ song from the Melodifestival (Sweden’s national final) from a few years ago. But, it’s a different tempo, got more than enough differences and is damn good. Instantly familiar when you here it. A possible winner!
  • Ireland: It’s all been seen and heard before on X Factor (in the UK). I’m just thankful that they’re representing Ireland and not the UK in Eurovision. Oh the shame!

 Who do I think will make the final?  Moldova, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Sweden and Slovenia.

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