Déjà vu, Düsseldorf (Semi Final 1).

Want to know what you can expect from the first Eurovision Semi Final of 2011? This post gives a summary of the entries in tonight’s Semi Final 1 (Tuesday 10th May). This is my attempt to show how all the styles and songs have been heard before in one form or another.

The 56th Eurovision Song Contest in Germany is taking place this week. Songs from all around Europe will be competing to make it to the Grand Final on Saturday 14th May. Each song has been written for the contest. They must be original. But, just how original can music be these days? During the national final season (from October to April) there was a lot of debate about ‘certain entries’ being rather similar to other songs.

It is 2011 after all and when it comes to music it is quite a challenge to write a piece of music which bears no resemblance to another piece. There are only so many notes after all.

  • Poland: The most difficult to compare in this semi final. It’s very Melodifestival though.
  • Norway: Shakira’s 2010 World Cup anthem, say no more. This was an easy one to compare.
  • Albania: Shouty shouty Albania. Back with more of the same. The Albanian ingredients.
  • Armenia: Oh, oh, oh. Kalomira (Greece 2008) meets Marie N (Latvia’s 2002 winner).
  • Turkey: There must be so many songs that sound like this. It instantly sounds familiar. Another group for Turkey. It’s safe to say that they’ve found a ‘comfort zone’ in the Eurovision.
  • Serbia: Hairspray – Easy!!
  • Russia: This sounds like it was written by Stock Aitken & Waterman. It is typical 1980s pop (at it’s worst). However it is more than a little reminiscent of Sweden’s *** from Melodifestival 20** in his singing style.
  • Switzerland: Germany 2010 take Two. At least leave it longer than a year before you try to immitate the winning song.
  • Georgia: I don’t listen to music like this so cannot compare it. (Ouch).
  • Finland: Belgium 2010 Take Two meets James Blunt.
  • Malta: Think Michael Jackson meets Dana international and this is what you get.
  • San Marino: Welcome to the ‘Best Hits from Cruise Liners 1975’.
  • Croatia: It’s not that different to typical pop from this mid 90s. This could be Scooch 15 years ago.
  • Iceland: Close your eyes at the beginning and it could (yes, it really could) sound like it’s from Take That’s album. But, then after about 40 seconds it gets too jolly.
  • Hungary: Jennifer Rush springs to mind when this song is playing. Welcome back to the Power of Love. Then suddenly it turns into a Whitney Houston track at about 1:02 (oh dear).
  • Portugal: Political chanting….. It kind of swings along though. Not sure why this is even in Eurovision.
  • Lithuania: Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Babelfish translate in French.
  • Azerbaijan: H & Claire (from Steps) meets High School Musical.
  • Greece: UK 1994 meets Greek haunting music.

Who do I think will make the final?  Turkey, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia.

Look out for Déjà vu, Düsseldorf (Semi Final 2)…. coming before Thursday.

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