On this day: in 1997.

I can’t believe that it was 14 years ago that Europe witnessed a momentous evening for the United Kingdom: They won the Eurovision Song Contest. Katrina and the Waves cleaned up the scoreboard and gained an amazing 227 points. The song, ‘Love Shine A Light’ received 10 sets of the maximum 12 points and was even more amazingly, given points from every participating country.

Katrina had ‘winner’ written all over her in the opening few seconds. The entry stood out amongst the rest and proved to be a runaway from early in the voting. It finished 70 points ahead of Ireland’s 2nd placed entry ‘Mysterious Woman’. Finally the United Kingdom was to knock Ireland into 2nd place (compensation for 1992 and 1993 when the tables were turned).

So, here it is. The entry that brought the Eurovision back to the UK and to Birmingham. I can still remember watching in shock and disbelief as the 12s came in from all corners of Europe. I’d love to see it happen again.

(The song starts at 1:16)

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7 thoughts on “On this day: in 1997.

      • i just didn’t like the song, i read your raving about it first and thought that it must be amazing. then i listened to it and well ………. ok ive just listened to it again and its just not got that ooomph im looking for.. also im thinking if this one it with all those dooozzzz pwans then the other entries must have been really crap!

        Also im still a die hard believer that they will again vote politically and tactfully.. let them proove me wrong and may the best song win this time.. 😛

        hugzzz not so tight ones 😛 😛

        looking forward to some good by-gone years songs 😛

      • Admittedly the competition in 1997 was poor. I did have the tingly arms when I watched back then though. 🙂

        This year…. Well, it’s only 10 days until I’ll be in the Arena screaming. The votes will be coming in by now. Eeeek!!!!

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