Back to blogging.

I’ve been so busy recently. Busy enjoying my travels. Two weeks of blissful time away from work.

I went to Asia. My first ever adventure in the East. I left, with my boyfriend Bas, and headed to Kuala Kumpur, then Bali and finally on to Singapore. The most incredible places. All worth a visit. (A couple of things on my 2011 list have been completed – take a look).

Frequent visitors to my blog may have noticed a lack of activity. I usually post a lot more, but I was having too much fun in the sun. Who can blame me for being a little quieter than usual?

The wonderful tools on WordPress kept things ticking over (like clockwork). A couple of pre-written pieces (I like to be organised) and some scheduled publishing dates helped to add some new posts to my blog. I am glad they were received well.

Now – back to blogging. What should I write about guys?

18 thoughts on “Back to blogging.

  1. Welcome back! You must share of your travels and lucky you! You managed to stay out of all the Royal pain in the ass wedding… πŸ™‚ No, happy for the couple, but if you saw how us American’s carried on you would laughed.

    • Thanks for the welcome. I loved all the royal wedding fever. I am a Royalist and adore the Royal Family. Big shout out for Wills and Kate! Woop woop!!

      I missed most of it. I caught the tail end of the wedding after landing back in Kuala Lumpur. I would have LOVED to be in London for it. I plan to be in London for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubillee. It’ll be crazy!!!!!!!!

      I would love to see what you Americans did for the wedding…. Did you go all out?

      • Oh yes! Many of us were up at 3AM drinking tea and eating scones. I actually made scones in the honor of the day, but was not up at 3 AM. I caught the highlights the next day. Right now everyone needs a fairy tale story come true, so it was great living it. Yet it was a bit over the top and the media was a bit much.

      • Eating scones……. I don’t think I’ve ever done that as part of a celebration in UK. Haha. I loved it all though. The media had a field day.

  2. Welcome back! And I think you should write about:

    1. The most surprising thing you saw on your travels
    2. Something random you saw, even if you only passed by it for a second
    3. What you think we should know about those countries if we’ve never been

    (Now the teacher has homework!)

    • Hahaha. I think I will feature your three ideas as a separate post. Great idea! Watch out for it.
      I’m chuffed today. Very happy me. Today is the first day that my blog has had 100+ hits in one day.
      117 until now. Wahooooooo.


  3. Why not? thats what the prize usually is when you hit a certain mark! πŸ˜›
    i mean dont get me wrong the hug was really nice, (you did squeeze a bit too tight though!) πŸ˜›

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