Eurovision 2011: The ones to watch.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is just weeks away. The songs are all selected. The acts are preparing and putting the final touches to their songs and stage routines. Who will win? This year the race is open wide. There is no clear favourite, which is a good thing.

Here are five songs that are worth keeping an eye on…. They could do very well.

Denmark: A Friend in London – “New Tomorrow”.

The song has caused some controversy with some people claiming it is too similar to other songs. Then again, in 2011 it’s quite a challenge to create a unique song. This is my favourite song of 2011. A dark horse. (Best bit to watch is after 2:00 – It will look amazing on stage in Germany in May).

France: Amaury Vassili – “Sognu”

France have raised the bar for this contest! This is undoubtedly their best entry since 2002. Paris 2012 is sounding a strong possibility. The song is anthemic! It reminds me of Bolero. Torvel and Dean skating around would not surprise me. Think Bolero/Vangelis and this is what you get.

United Kingdom: Blue – “I Can”

Finally, something to be proud of. The United Kingdom could win Eurovision again. This is the UK’s best chance since winning in 1997. After years of people saying that the UK should send an established act – here we have it. They can sing. They have the image. They have the stage presence and experience. They’ll go down well in Dusseldorf.

Estonia: Getter Jaani – “Rockerfeller Street”

Highly rated on lots of websites. A good bet in this year’s contest. Estonia wouldn’t surprise me by winning. The song really grows on you. It could look great on stage. How it comes across on TV will play a huge part it its success.

Norway: Stella Mwangi –Β “Haba Haba”

This song is addictive. Once heard it stays in your head, whether you like it or not. Norway could take the crown (but, she’ll have to hit some notes on the night and sway the juries). It doesn’t sound particularly Norweigan… But hey. It does sound more than a little reminiscent of Shakira’s World Cup 2010 anthem “Waka Waka”.

They are the five I’ll be keeping an eye on. Closely followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary. It’s Eurovision and nothing can be discounted.

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9 thoughts on “Eurovision 2011: The ones to watch.

  1. Loved these videos! My favorite hands-down was Blue “I Can”. Second fave was Estonia’s Getter Jaani. Wow. Never heard any of these before. Awesome talents! Thanks Jamie.

    • I’m hoping for Blue to win, just because I would love to watch UK win. πŸ™‚ Its not long now until 34,000 arrive in Germany to watch the final. 300 million viewers on TV.

  2. Jimmy! you’re choices are great, France is good and the UK have got it spot on.. but i know you’re a fan and you will know why Terry Wogan stopped hosting it for the UK. Sadly no matter how clear and obvious that some acts deserve that Deux point, still many countries are still voting politically and tactfully. So sadly I’ve lost my confidence in this competition that the best country will win. Because to be honest many have countries have deserved to win and have deserved those points and have just never been awarded them. Sorry to rain on your parade 😦

    • Ah there is that view point shared by many people across Europe. However……. Being the Eurovision fan, I agree and disagree with what you say. Here’s why:

      Terry Wogan was very bitter about the contest. His views, though mildly amusing to UK viewers were degrading and xenophobic towards other European nations who heard his comments due to BBC1 being broadcast internationally. I used to love his commentary in the 80s and 90s but then he became too negative. The biggest contradiction was that UK were not awarded points due to us being ‘disliked by Europe’. Not true. We won in 1997, came 3rd in 2002 and 5th in 2009. In other words when we made a real effort with the entry we did well. Many of the other entries were simply not good enough – the other countries had better songs.

      People say that it is biased towards the East. Not true. The West have won far more. Greece and Cyprus always share their 12 points, but Greece has only won once and Cyprus never. Former Yugoslavian nations award their points to others, but it does not help them win (or qualify for that matter). Only Serbia has won since Yugoslavia split.

      Neighbourly votes to not count enough to swing the contest enough to any one nation. Since the jury vote (50/50) came back in a couple of years ago the balance has been even more fair, but statistics show that it would not have changed the winning country. At the end of the day that’s the only position that counts. This year both semi finals will also have the jury vote making up 50% of the result. That’s a great thing.

      People say that it comes down to who likes who. Note true. Iceland scored well the year of the Icelandic volcano disaster. If people vote on reasons other than song then surely Icelanc would have faired very poorly. The country had lost a great deal of money for other countries. Ukraine and Russia vote for one another – hardly the best of friends. Similarly Greece and Turkey (once upon a time they would NEVER vote for each other).

      I think that the winners over the past few years have deserved their win. Ok, in my opinion they were perhaps not always the best song, BUT it’s the song that APPEALS to the WIDEST audience that will win. People in the UK seem to think, as a rule, that their music industry is superior to all others. How wrong that view can be.

      Last year, the newspapers in Germany went wild after winning. “Europe DO Like Us” said the headline. Exactly my point. If Germany can win then why not UK or France. Germany are hardly the most popular nation.

      So, from Jimmy πŸ™‚ my parade is quite alright. Gosh that sounds heavy, but I am the expert after all.

  3. Jimmy!! that answer was a blog initself!!

    Iceland scored well that year because of the volcanic disaster and that’s because everyone realised iceland existed! (im feeling a bit cheeky this morning!!) πŸ˜›

    Yeah Terry Wogan did become bitter but you know what was funny even before the countries would say who they were awarding the cultivated deux pwan to, he would tell us!!! He always knew where it was going!! So i have to say there was some truth in the matter.

    You serious? never you don’t sound it πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Glad your parade is holding up, we are having a wedding today, pop by your invited!! πŸ˜›

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