Anyone for a Bucks Fizz?

It’s exactly 30 years since the infamous ‘skirt-whipping-off’ routine. Unbelievable. Three decades since the camp, the wonderful, utterly Eurovisiony act, Bucks Fizz did their thing on stage in Dublin.

Who can forget the colours – the bright red, green, blue and yellow…. The hair (oh the blonde hair), the dance moves (all specially choreographed for Eurovision victory). The best thing was that it all worked. The juries loved it.

“United Kingdom douze points!”

The Eurovision Song Contest has moved on from 1981 – although the 2011 contest does have some rather ‘questionable’ acts in store – mark my words.

So – let’s go back to 1981…… Got your dancing shoes on? Ready to whip your skirt off? Enjoy!


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13 thoughts on “Anyone for a Bucks Fizz?

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    • Have you ever seen that video before? Have you ever herad the song? It’s soooooo well known in Europe. It’s part of my history…… I love it. So wrong now, but so funny still.

  2. Oh my goodness, jamie – seriously? The 80s were my ‘hood, and I had a similar hairstyle to the yellow lady’s, and I find this all so embarrassing. What were we all thinking? No, really – what were we all thinking?
    Thanks for sharing this – it was fun, despite the embarrassment! 🙂

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