Talking Twins. Online Sensation.

Internet sensations travel around the globe within minutes these days. Times have really changed. Technology allows us to share information instantly with people everywhere. The lastest sensation to sweep the online world are the talking  twins.

The video is fab! To date, over 6 million people have viewed the video on YouTube. The question is – Are these children really talking? If they are – then what exactly are they discussing? It’s fascinating.

Watch and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Talking Twins. Online Sensation.

  1. Ha! I posted this too. Those babies are just SO cute! In fact, I ended up watching all kinds of cute baby videos on youtube as a result. You might like this one too:

  2. Wow — I never know what to expect when I come visit your blog! That video was awesome. And yes. I believe they are talking. There is back and forth, hand gestures, pauses, reactions, laughter — more than most adults get from a conversation! They’re paying total attention to each other, and it lasts for quite a while! Love it.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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