The John Lennon Wall: Prague

Visitors at the Lennon Wall.

One of the most surprising places to visit in Prague is the John Lennon Wall – sometimes known as the Lennon Wall or the John Lennon Peace Wall. If you ever get the chance to go to Prague, don’t miss the opportunity to spend a few minutes here. It’s very close to the Charles Bridge.

Here I am at the Lennon Wall.

It is a colourful, ever-changing, graffiti-covered wall that really captures the eye and the imagination. I was lucky enough to have read about the wall in my Everyman MapGuide prior to arriving in Prague – I was so glad that I did read about it.

A tribute to the Beatles.

Situated on Velkopřevoské Square, the wall stretches approximately 20 metres. The original portrait of Lennon is long gone now, lost under layers and layers of spray-paint. Over the years, visitors continue to add lyrics from Beatles tracks, message of love and peace and their own names. I spent quite some time reading the things written. I could have spent a lot longer there – every time I looked I noticed something else.

Lennon? Why John Lennon? He wasn’t from the Czech Republic, so you would be forgiven for being confused. I was confused too.

A new portrait of John Lennon (but for how long?)

Well, the answer to that is that Lennon was a symbol of peace and a hero to the pacifist youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. Before 1989 there was a ban on western pop music, especially songs by Lennon, which praised freedom. After Lennon’s death his portrait was painted on the wall, defying the authorities. From that moment the wall became a symbol of peace and freedom. There are also claims that the wall helped inspire the non-violent Velvet Revolution that led to the fall of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia.

One of my favourite shots.

Peaceful poetry.

I want to know who these people are... Love it.

All You Need Is Love.


15 thoughts on “The John Lennon Wall: Prague

  1. How fascinating, jamie. Another reason for me to visit Prague … and such an unusual reason! Love the photos. And yes, you must add your words to those walls …
    I was very briefly in the home town of the Beatles yesterday – my first and ridiculously short visit to Liverpool.

    • Prague is full of interesting little corners to discover.

      Why were you in Liverpool – I’ve flown inn there but never actually visited the city. I will one day, I’m sure.

    • That’s very true. We plan on returning to Prague (possibly in August). I bet the wall will have some changes by then. If not, I’d be surprised… then I’ll make the changes myself! Might pop my blog address on. Haha.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. The wall was indeed fascinating. I loved it. I’ll be back there one day for sure. Travelling around it such a breath of fresh air – do it whenever you get the chance. I always travel as much as possible. The money will work out in the end – and it years to come the cost won’t be the thing that stays on your mind. Enjoy those d[e]rty thirties. I’m there too…..

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  3. WOW I did the Love, Love, Love painting on the John Lennon Wall. This was done back in Aug 2010 I cant believe its still there. I thought it would be gone in weeks

    • The wall must have looked so incredibly different in 2010. The wall is inspiring, colourful, uplifting and creative. I love it. There must be more of them in the world.

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