The hills are alive with the sound of…..mincing.

Move over Julie Andrews. Anything you can do I am sure I can do better.

I was browsing through some old photos and found one of mine with a remarkable similarity to the infamous image of Julie Andrews spinning around in the mountains.

Look at those dance moves. It was impromptu…. However, I wasn’t expecting to look quite so camp in the shot, but hey… such is life.

I think I might challenge myself (and all you readers) to find or take a picture to match a famous image. Have a go!

15 thoughts on “The hills are alive with the sound of…..mincing.

  1. Love the picture! Oh I couldn’t do the ‘similar picture’ thingy. And why? Because I’d have to find a picture of Rosanne Barr or Kathy Bates and then mock her. I’m just not up for such adventures. LOLOL

  2. Twirl, twirl, mince mince mince – The Sound of Music NEEDS you! Maybe this will be your big break?
    I have a similar pic of myself in Switzerland, but I wasn’t really mincing. πŸ™‚

    • Haha – thanks… Although I never thought of it as leading to a big break. I was more likely to break my neck than anything else. I’m intrigued about your Switzerland photo now.

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