2nd most popular country is – the UK.

A worldwide survey (in 27 different nations) was undertaken by the BBC World Service Country Rating Poll to find out the views on the 16 major nations in the world, including the European Union. 29,000 people were asked to rate how ‘globally influential’ the nations were.

2nd most popular nation in recent poll.

The UK, for the first time ever, has come second in the poll. The country topping the list was Germany. The UK’s positive rating rose 5% from 53% to 58%. (Germany 63%).

The USA, Australia and Canada had the most favourable view of the UK, whereas Pakistan and Mexico had the most negative views towards it.

Naturally these views change year on year and people’s opinions are most probably swayed by political mood, financial times and down to how each country is perceived through their respective media.

Surprised by the result? Feel free to comment.

6 thoughts on “2nd most popular country is – the UK.

    • I cannot believe you have yet to visit England and London especially. That’s reminded me to blog about London. I will dig out some fabulous memories of London! I am off to Germany twice in May. I cannot wait! Dusseldorf and Berlin.

  1. i live in london and i dont get it! its expensive and i long to be near a beach (with sand, not rocks) but i guess its home, and home is where the heart is. interesting post

  2. As a fellow Brit I am both pleasantly surprised…and well surprised. All we get to hear by the media is how ‘broken’ and generally rubbish the UK is, yet we have lots we should be proud of. From the natural beauty of our national parks to our great engineering feats (Iron bridge, most Victorian town halls, our cathedrals) to our other great institutions like the BBC or the Royal Society.
    We should stop being so embarrassed about our country, it seems the rest of the world has a better opinion of us than we do!

    • Thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear from someone who has positive things to say about the UK. I agree entirely. Whenever people in the UK are proud of something British they are knocked back saying they are boasting. I think that every country has the right to be proud of its own wonderful ‘treasures’.
      The UK is certainly a great country.

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