I’ll tell you HOW…

Ah, welcome. Bored? Nosey? Here by accident? However you arrived at this post and my blog – welcome.

Here’s a blog about………

  • How to make money. Sell all your stuff on eBay. I have to say that I’ve made quite a bit of money this way and this site may give you extra ideas.


  • How to pick a lock. *This advice is merely for if you happen to be locked out of your own house…… I am not recommending picking any other locks!


  • How to make pancakes. MMmmmm, yummy! I thought I’d add this as it’s just about this time of year that we have Shrove Tuesday (pancake day). Enjoy!




  • How to yodel. What a bargain website. I bet you’re glad you visited my blog now……. (hmmmm?)


  • How to fart. I’m sorry – I had to include this. The website goes into so much detail. There are strategies for different games, sounds, stories and even poems…. What more can I say? Explore away.




  • How to make ‘jamieonline’ happy. Comment on my blog, click ‘Like’ or to really make my day – Subscribe. I’d love to welcome you back sometime soon.

I hope that my little list had added a smile to your face, some joy into your life and a little humour to your day. Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to share with your friends (see below).

7 thoughts on “I’ll tell you HOW…

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to say that after all the hate and venting on my page your page is a little more serene and calming. I should probably write a blog about scented candles to balance my karma but then no one would read it cause everyone likes to me either hate on stuff or talk about having sex with hot or famous girls. I like you’re site, keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to come back to help calm my nerves.

    – Josh

    • I hope that my blog is not too tame…. I am sure there are things hidden in the archive that are borderline wild…. Haha. Enjoy calming your nerves!
      Thanks for the visiting….. Hope you’ve tried all the ‘How to…….’ things.

      • Twitter is great for letting people know about your blog updates and conversing with people who read your blog or potential people that could read your blog. Gets a lot more traffic to your site.

      • Thanks for your recommendation. Two people have recommended Twitter in two days. I have just created an account.
        jamieonelife is my user – to any bloggers interested in adding me.
        Here goes. Tweet tweet!

  2. I looked at the pancake one…my love of cooking things as fast as possible over the highest heat doesn’t translate well to pancakes…Hopefully I learned something so the next time I make them, my kids will actually eat them!

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