Blog Maintainance

It’s now just over 4 months since I started and I thought I would revisit my settings to refine parts of my blog.

The logo of the blogging software WordPress.

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Here I sit making alterations to my widgets, dashboard settings, blogroll blogs and RSS feeds. I feel that I’ve been transformed into a world of strange techno language that only IT nerds  would ever use (sorry IT nerds).

I think I need a copy of ‘Widgets for Dummies’ – It would really help me.

Am I the only WP user that can’t stop fiddling, altering and general ‘faffing’ with settings?

* ‘Faffing’ is generally used by my mother to mean – ‘Being very busy doing things – but not actually getting very much done at all’.

6 thoughts on “Blog Maintainance

  1. I have no idea what half of that shit means either! They need a lingo dictionary. I have tried a couple of things and I have no idea what any of it means! What’s a m.eebo (or wherever the punctuation is)- hell- what’s a widget!??!

  2. LOL! I go through and play with settings and themes and widgets then leave everything the way it was before I started. I think I’ve changed themes twice since I started. You’re not alone ‘faffing’… I don’t think that’s a word I’ll add to my vocabulary.

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