Momentous Historial Occasions.

The hairs on the back of my arms have been standing on end over the last couple of weeks. The news coverage of political change sweeping through Tunisia and Egypt has been amazing to watch. There are some fantastic images here. It is refreshing and uplifting to see the power of people changing their futures. There is definitely strength in numbers. Now, in domino effect the people of Bahrain, Yemen, Iran and Algeria are coming together to change the political movement in their respective countries. For many people living in democratic countries it can often be challenging to truly understand what it must be like for the people we see daily on our TV screens.

How the times have changed too. It was astounding to read online that Facebook and Twitter had been used to bring people together. Social networking is increasingly useful in the 21st Century. I wonder how events in history would have been different if social networking has been around for the last 100 years.

The images of the protests in Egypt will make the beginning of 2011. I will remember them for many years to come and I think that many of you will too. I am sure that you could name a couple of major historical times in the last century that have stayed with you. When I think of stories similar to the amazing scenes in Egypt I think of stories that truly shocked me. The list I have made are stories which I feel have really made a world-wide impact on people:

  • The Berlin Wall being brought to the ground.
  • The capture of Saddam Hussein.
  • The Gulf War.
  • 9/11.
  • The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of 2004.

3 thoughts on “Momentous Historial Occasions.

    • That’s true. It is protests like those that makes you feel that people really can make a difference in their respective countries. People pulling together can topple even the most powerful regimes. It is a warning to many nations around the world that keep a vice-like grip on their people.

  1. “I wonder how events in history would have been different if social networking has been around for the last 100 years.” – an interesting thought, and, I might add, my favourite line in the entire post. 🙂

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