VNS: A humorous, yet common affliction.


What’s that?

Well, in short, it’s the visible appearance of ones nipples through a shirt, blouse or vest. Oh yes, you’ve all seen it, possibly suffer from it yourself. It’s quite common in both men and women.

VNS or Visible Nipple Syndrome, as I named it this week is particularly common during these cold wintry months. I fear that I am now a sufferer of this most embarrassing condition. I would like to thank someone (yes, you know who you are) for highlighting this condition of mine. I have discovered various things about VNS.

  • It’s more popular on women (men out there, you know you agree).
  • It can be cured in a variety of ways…….turning up the heat or giving the ‘area’ a quick rub…. (I’d say that the latter was particularly unpopular with certain colleagues of mine when I tried that in front if them). Ok, no nipple rubbing in public from now on.

I would have posted pictures onto ‘One Life’ but that would only degrade my ‘high brow’ and most informative blog (please note the irony here).

*VNS is not a real-life disorder, affliction….. When I say not real, I mean that I doubt you’d find it in any medical journal/book/website. You never know, I may have started something here.

8 thoughts on “VNS: A humorous, yet common affliction.

  1. hahahahahahahhahahahaha ok i cant write anything.. im too busy laughing… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhahaahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah

  2. ok ive recoverd… lemme say I admire you as a guy writing this and not making it sound sleezy, it was very well written because there was so much more you could have said..

    so u had it again yesterday? is it very cold there? lol 😛

    It was the last bit that got me in hysterics because i actually did think it was a medical condition untill u pointed it out. 😦

    • I dread the thought that I could sound sleazy. No no no…. However I think my teaching assistant was rather displeased at my ‘rubbing’. 🙂

      I had it yesterday because I was wearing the WRONG clothing. I was told it warmer than my body felt. Chilly cycling and VNS was the result. I wonder if I can get it added to a couple of medical dictionaries? If you believed it, thousands will. 🙂

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