Preparation and organisation for trips and holidays: Good tips.

If you travel frequently you have most likely experienced a trip or holiday where something vital has been left at home.  I know that it has happened to me on numerous occasions. If however, you are not an experienced traveller then you may worry about what to pack. There is nothing worse than unpacking in your hotel and discovering that you’ve left the mobile phone charger, underwear or belt at home. It can be the little things that wind you up the most.

Knowing what to take on a trip, holiday or ‘world tour’ (you never know) is a tricky business especially when there are such strict rules about your luggage (when it comes to air travel). From my experience of travelling and enjoying holidays over the last couple of years I would recommend that you compile a list to use for each and every time you travel. Here are some simple tips:

  • Make a list of the things that you need on your typical trips. It takes some forward thinking. The best time to prepare your list is not before you next travel, but when you return from your next trip or holiday. When you arrive home you are more likely to make the correct judgment on exactly what you needed (people often over-pack and later regret it). You can check what was used and discard what was not. Once you have your list though, it is ready for all future trips.
  • Organise your list into categories. I decided on these for my checklist: essential travel documents, hygiene, clothes, first aid and miscellaneous.
  • Create separate lists for different types of trip away. Perhaps you’d have the following (it all depends on your hobbies and lifestyle): city-trip, summer break, winter break, action/adventure/camping.

I surprised myself when I came back from a 2 week holiday. I looked in my bag and realised that there were so many things which I’d thought were essential and in actual fact had not been any use at all. This spurred me on to make a list. This summer I went on a 4 week travel around Europe. The list for my camping trip was a life-saver. Not only did we prepare everything before going, but we managed to keep track and ensure that we brought everything back with us too.

If you have any other travel tips and advice then it would be great to hear.

5 thoughts on “Preparation and organisation for trips and holidays: Good tips.

  1. Jamie very good advice.

    But I have to tell you I am the worlds worst packer. I leave everything to the last minute and that’s particularly bad when travelling with four children.

    Last year I flew to a wedding with my four year old daughter and SHE packed her case one whole month before we left. Actually, she was only three. 😉

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