Product Confusion

I was always under the impression that marketing teams worked tirelessly in their offices, around boardroom tables and in a variety of other ‘creative spaces’ when they had that spark of genius.

Are they not the ones who are paid mega-bucks to come up with fantastic product names? I have some questions I would love to ask the people who came up with the product below:

  • Just who came up with this product name?
  • Who is it marketed at?
  • Why, why, why……..
……er what is this item called?

7 thoughts on “Product Confusion

  1. I know – I know! Shocked is an understatement.
    The product was in a rather odd shop in Barcelona. It was a mixture of modern things and then African items. Lots of charity products there. This item stood out amongst the rest and I couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone here.
    Glad you liked it.

    • I also read your “getting stuck in an elevator” and “the joys of gossiping and people watching” posts. I laughed out loud. In my office. At work.

      Still can’t stop laughing…

      • Oh – you really should have been there! There a definately a moment of hysteria when we realised that we were stuck. Nervous laughter.
        Glad you’re laughing at work…. Hope your colleagues don’t think you’re mad as a hatter.

  2. Oh no, no…I’m so glad I WASN’T there! I’m a bit claustrophobic so I probably wouldn’t have been the best person to be with in a situation like that. lol! I’m also glad I wasn’t one of the “victims” of your people watching…that would’ve been terrible. I think I’d rather be stuck in an elevator… 😉

    I tried not to laugh really loudly in my office, but as your “people watching” story progressed, I couldn’t help it. I’m sure that everyone must’ve thought I was insane, but I just couldn’t help it! Everything you said was so funny…and you’re right…we ALL do it! People watching is one of the best ways to pass the time… 🙂

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