The Joys of Gossiping and People-Watching…. The Woes of Being Caught!

Crowd watching.

People watching.

Gazing at the world.

Putting the world to rights.

However you say it, it means the same thing and it feels great to do.

What is more fun than watching someone walk past then immediately turning to your friends and saying just what you really think. Ah yes, that refreshing honesty about what you really think about the poor victim person that has innocently wandered by. We all do it. If you don’t (and I find that very unlikely) then perhaps you’re the person walking by.

“Ha, look at the shirt on that guy!”

“Oh my god, what’s that?”

“HELLO,……” (you’ve probably undressed the passer-by with your eyes in less than 5 seconds at this point).


There are lots of different responses that can be given. I’ve tried many of the above and far more that I couldn’t share. I am a nice person. I am a nice person…… I just like to share my honest opinion with friends.

It should be a national hobby for every country around the world. There is no limit to the fun you can have. The unsuspecting passer-by doesn’t even need to know it has happened. As I akways say ‘There’s one thing worse than people say negative things about you and that’s people saying nothing about you’.

I have my favourite ‘people-watching’ spot in The Hague. There is a great square with bars all around and some fab outdoor seating. The shops are nearby and there are lots of passers-by. In order words, enough ‘subject-matter’ to be analysing  judging commenting on. Many a summer’s day has been spent with me, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, watching shoppers hurry back and forth.

Bars and clubs are also packed with people to talk about. It wasn’t that long ago that I was having a chilled evening with friends in a small and rather quiet bar. We sat at a small table at the back. The evening went well. We caught up on normal gossip and put the world to rights. Next it was time to check out the people around us. Hot or not? Single or taken? Questions, questions, questions….. We happened to be seated near to the stairway leading to the toilets and had full view of guys and girls as they went up the stairs. As they passed we starting commenting on their clothes, the way they walked, if we thought they were single.

A couple of drinks later, we were marking people out of ten and saying how good looking they were. A lot of judgement had taken place…. But, the passers-by had no idea. We thought! It was quite late on and so I dashed to the toilet. Once upstairs and in the toilets I was shocked and stunned to realise that I could hear every word my friends downstairs were saying. The stairway was clearly acting like a funnel for sound. The volume was incredible. I could almost make out every word that my friends were saying. It suddenly dawned on me….. Everyone who had been judged, marked out of ten, whistled at, talked up, talked down had probably been fully aware. Oh the shame!

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